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The Importance of Distilling Water

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We all know the importance of pure water to live a healthy life. Our body is approximately 60% water and it is this water that helps in proper digestion of food, absorption of energy, and removal of wastes out of the body. But, since the Industrial Revolution, poisonous additives and inorganic impurities are a common constituent of tap water. Good quality water has become hard to come by.

In today’s world, the purest water that one can get to drink is distilled water. It aids in the elimination of harmful substances and is highly recommended for people going on diets.

What is distilled water?

When water is heated to its boiling point, it evaporates leaving behind the impurities. The water vapor then condenses back to the liquid form, and this water is called Distilled Water. It is coluorless, tasteless and odourless, contains no impurities, organic or inorganic minerals. This water can be used for the purpose of drinking, cooking, in hospitals and in electric irons. One can distil water at their homes using distillers, which have gained popularity in recent times.

Why is it important to distill water?

Dissolves toxins and flushes them out

Using a water distiller dissolves the toxins from our body that have accumulated over time, thus cleansing our body fluids and cells. The water is then passed through the body and kidneys without the risk of creating any inorganic stones. Furthermore, micro-organisms like bacteria & virus are also avoided.

Common toxins that enter the human body include:

  • Inorganic minerals – Calcium, carbonate and lime compounds, iron & magnesium – these are incompatible with the cells in our bodies and get accumulated over time. We consume them mainly through water.
  • Organic minerals – These are found in grains, meat, fruits and vegetables and form a regular part of our diet. These get digested easily.

A good solvent

It can be taken into the body without causing damage to tissues and aids in digestion.

Prevents several diseases

There’s a long list of diseases that are known to occur on the consumption of impure water. Some of these include kidney stones, gallstones, and arthritis. So, if you drink only pure distilled water, these diseases can be avoided. Drinking distilled water purifies the blood, removes kidney irritation and also aids in the treatment of bladder infections.

As distilled water is tasteless, you’ll require some days to get accustomed to its taste. However, once you start drinking it, you’ll soon realise how your overall health will start improving.

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