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You Need these Superfoods in your Kitchen Cupboard

These types of foods have become very popular, but many people believe if they eat a couple of superfoods now and then they will become healthy. This is not true and superfoods shouldn’t be classed as a quick fix. Superfoods are mostly plant-based but do contain certain fish and dairy products. They are often high in nutrients, antioxidants and or omega-3 fatty acids. To get the most out of your superfoods you need to incorporate them into a healthy diet.


Despite there small size, these seeds are filled with nutrients and should be considered as a delicious superfood, that you can incorporate into salads. They contain a hefty amount of omega 3, even more than salmon. So if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to get a super boost of omega 3, chia seeds are the answer.


With a great texture, you can add this superfood to salads, smoothies, toast, dips or just eat it on its own. Avocados contain 20 different vitamins and minerals that are all going to benefit your body. For example, they contain more potassium than bananas and are loaded with fibre.


From Africa, Australia and the Middle East, the fruit and the tree have been used as food, medicine and a basis for household furniture.

This tropical fruit is perfect for smoothies or juices as it doesn’t have much taste but is filled with vitamin C, calcium and potassium. Due to the high fibre content, this fruit can act as a laxative so don’t eat too much! The Baobab fruit can come in a form of powder, which is much easier to get hold off in health stores, as this type of fruit is not widely available throughout the UK.


If you love the taste of sweet peas always go smaller as these have the sweetest taste. There is so much you can do with peas, for example, eat the pods by themselves as a nutritious snack or as an addition to green salads and gently heated stir-fries. Green peas are super low in calories, so you won’t have to watch how many you eat. Peas contain fibre, which helps clean your digestive system, they also include B vitamins which help cell turn over.


This berry is full of calcium, iron and vitamin A which is great for your immune system. Acai can come in many forms such as powder, juice and the raw berry, which means you can easily incorporate it into your diet. Popular uses of Acai are smoothies, juices, salad dressing and Acai bowls.


These nuts are very high in fat but do not let that put you off. They contain good fats, not trans or saturated, which makes them a good choice if you want something to fill you up. Pecans are a great source of protein and should be considered if you are on a plant-based diet. They also offer a high source of vitamin E which is perfect for your liver and the ageing process.