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​The Powerful Effects of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass shots and adding wheatgrass to your daily food is becoming increasingly popular, due to the many benefits wheatgrass has. We believe there is nothing better than making your own version of certain shop bought juices, so if your keen on juicing wheatgrass, this blog will give you even more of a reason to start juicing ASAP.

This type of grass has an abundance of vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, calcium, magnesium and most importantly chlorophyll. This small plant is made up of 70% chlorophyll, which is a lot for a small plant.

The benefits are endless, but here are some to help you understand why wheatgrass is the new superfood; cancer-fighting properties, improves liver detoxification, speeds up wound healing, improves digestion and weight control, and protects skin health. You won't be able to find another fruit or vegetable that contains more chlorophyll than Wheatgrass.

You can purchase wheatgrass in health stores or garden centres as the best way to consume, is by juicing fresh from the plant.

The Facts

  • Boost cell reproduction and detoxify’s the body
  • Increases red blood cells, making it an excellent immune system booster.
  • Neutralises toxins in the body including purifying the liver.
  • Improves blood sugar issues.


Many people question what is the right way to prepare wheatgrass, but we have some simple tips to make juicing this superfood quick and easy.

  • Mould tends to spread quickly so be sure to check before you consume.
  • Always wash your wheatgrass to ensure any soil is discarded
  • Yellow sprouts have a different flavour and should be avoided
  • Once you’ve juiced your wheatgrass, consume it within half hour
  • Don’t prepare wheatgrass in advance, you will regret it
  • Having the freshest sprouts will give you the best tasting juice
  • Always prepare your wheatgrass before juicing, chop up and feed in


Using the right juicer is also crucial in getting the most out of the wheatgrass. A centrifugal juicer or blender uses to much speed and will damage the chlorophyll and its nutrients. Chlorophyll needs to extracted gently, so you will need a top-notch masticating juicer to be able to extract the juice. We would usually recommend twin gear juicers as these are able to get the most yield out of wheatgrass, but you can get away with using a horizontal juicer too.

To begin you want to prepare your wheatgrass using the points above, then feed a small amount of wheatgrass at a time to get a better yield.

The flavour of pure wheatgrass can be a bit off-putting, so throw in an apple or a handful of grapes to sweeten it up. Once you’ve juiced a sufficient amount, drink up!

The flavour of wheatgrass isn’t for everyone, so there are other alternatives which aren’t as powerful as drinking fresh juice, but they still have some benefits. Most health stores have powdered wheatgrass which is great for adding to smoothies or protein shakes. If you don’t want to drink wheatgrass, then there are capsules available, but both capsules and powders tend to have fewer benefits than the pure juice.