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Hurom Juicers

The ultimate combination of quality and innovation.

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Vitamix Blenders

The perfect blend of both power and reliability.

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Blueair Filters

The ideal way to filter out viruses, allergens and dust.

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KitchenAid Appliances

The home of stylish products that meet any need.

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Here to Support You

Here at Energise Your Life we put you first, and our main focus is to help improve your health and wellbeing through our fantastic collection of tried and tested health products.

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Choosing a Juicer

Choosing the best juicer for your needs is a lot tougher than it sounds especially with so much choice around. Therefore, our simple guide is written to make picking the right juicer a breeze.

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A Bit About Us

A very warm welcome to Energise Your Life. We specialise in Juicers, Food Dehydrators, Water Filters, Blenders, Air Purifiers and Sprouters along with a host of other health products that will rejuvenate, invigorate and of course; energise your life.

In 2024 we are celebrating 20 years in business, having helped over 40,000 happy customers across the UK and Europe. We are passionate about the products we sell and have tried and tested each one to ensure they are the best on the market and live up to the highest of expectations.

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Top Articles

The Best Slow Juicers of 2021

This past year we've seen some fantastic new juicers, and innovative designs have set higher standards for all manufacturers to equal. As a result, some formerly fantastic models now look outdated compared to their modern counterparts. Of cours...

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​The Benefits of H2 Enhanced Water

Infusing H2 into your water can have many benefits to your body, with the added bonus of filtering your water. Unfortunately, basic treatment products like pitcher filters, do not provide a good enough protection barrier against lead, chemicals, heav...

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​Foods that Help Us Age Better

Unfortunately, ageing is going to happen regardless of what we eat, but eating certain foods will help you age gracefully and prevent any common illness you may encounter. However, we do believe that using an adequate amount of sunscreen and drinking...

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