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Waterwise 9000 Distiller

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Product Description


Is the kitchen in your home the center of activity? Then the Model 9000 is just right for you! The smart, contemporary design makes it a truly attractive appliance you won’t mind leaving on the counter. The Model 9000 is guaranteed to pass your family’s expectations for effectiveness and ease of use with fiying colors. Put the collector bottle on the refrigerator shelf and the kids can fill their own glasses with the push button spigot! Easier for them and less work for you!

NO assembly ~ NO installation ~ NO hookups

The stylish good looks of the Model 9000 conceal its durable and dependable operation. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Simply fill the removable boiler with tap water, press the start button and replace the collector bottle, and the distiller works its magic! The bottle and boiler tuck neatly into the body of the unit to offer a unique space-saving feature.



To top it off, the Waterwise 9000 Water-Distiller has the honor of being awarded the prestigious Water Quality Association's WQA GOLD SEAL validation, proving its compliance with rigid industry standards for performance and design. This further assures you of a consistently effective water purification system that is easy to install, operate and maintain... Guaranteed!



Filtration: Filtered water has passed through a fine strainer and/or activated carbon. While they reduce disagreeable tastes and odors, filters are not effective in removing many common contaminants such as arsenic, bacteria, copper, lead, nitrates, parasites, sodium and viruses. A filter can become a breeding ground for bacteria as the organic material which remains in the filter begins to decay. Another drawback is not knowing when to replace the filter. Some manufacturers suggest replacing filters when bad taste or odor returns. In reality, a filter may be able to control taste and odor long after it has lost its ability to reduce tasteless, odorless organics such as THMs (trihalomethanes) which are byproducts of chlorination.


Reverse Osmosis: RO systems force water under high pressure through a synthetic semipermeable membrane to reduce inorganic minerals. These systems vary widely in their ability to reject nitrates, chlorides and some other contaminants. RO performance is affected by water pressure, water temperature, pH, bacteria, dissolved solids and the chemical contaminant level of raw tap water. Like other filtration systems, gradual clogging of the system by collected contaminants will result in declining effectiveness and can also lead to contamination from bacterial growth.

Steam Distilled: Based on Mother Nature's primary purification method, distillation uses evaporation and condensation to separate pure, fresh water from its contaminants. In nature the process is called the hydrologic cycle. It occurs when water evaporates, condenses, then falls to the earth as precipitation. Distillation, combined with carbon filtration, is the one water treatment technology that most completely reduces the widest range of contaminants, including biological, organic and inorganic elements. In fact, a quality distillation system provides water that is up to 99% free of impurities, including heavy metals and most chemicals. It is the treatment of choice for removing biological contaminants including cysts like Giardia and Cryptosporidium. The prolonged boiling process of distillation kills virtually all types of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and parasites. Microorganisms are not evaporated into the product water but remain in the boiling chamber as part of the residue. Additionally, a distillation system with activated carbon post filtration and venting is effective in removing pesticides and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Distillation provides consistent purity, gallon after gallon, year in, year out. No other technology can guarantee consistent quality over time. The purity of your drinking and cooking water is guaranteed when you make 100% steam distilled water with a Waterwise purifier/distiller.



  • Drinking... healthy and delicious
  • Cooking... taste the improvement
  • Ice Cubes... crystal clear
  • Fruit Juices... fresh squeezed taste
  • Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa... you'll use less and the pure taste is incomparable
  • Baby Formulas... pure contentment
  • Low Sodium Diets... essential for good health
  • Complexion Care... feel the difference
  • Aquariums... clean and clear
  • Pet Care... they'll love you more
  • Houseplants... they'll thrive now
  • Sprouting... they'll grow like crazy
  • Steam Irons and Humidifiers... work more efficiently and last longer

Technical Specification

  • Distillate Capacity: 4 Litres in 4 Hours 
  • Dimensions (h x d x w): 38x41x24cm 
  • Weight: 4.5kg 
  • Rating: 230V/50Hz 750W 
  • Warranty: 1 Year   

Product Reviews

  • 5
    Excellent Product

    I ordered the Waterwise 9000 on a Monday morning and twenty-four hours later it was at my door. It is an excellent product well designed and extremely well made - i am tremendously pleased with it as it is simplicity itself in setting up, operation and maintenance. I purchased one extra collectable bottle to give me a stock of 2 x 4 litre supply to see me through the day for all my drinking and cooking needs and I am finding that this amount is more than adequate. I usually leave the machine doing its good work last thing at night and 4 fresh litres are ready for me first thing in the morning. I also purchased a year's supply of filter cups which are designed to the same high standard as the unit itself. The service and speedy delivery from energiseyourlife was outstanding and I will highly recommend them.

    Posted by Stuart Walker on 25th May 2015