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Bamix Classic Hand Blender in Red

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Product Specifications

Brand Bamix
Colour Red
Weight 2.5 KG

Product Description

The Bamix Classic hand blender is a lightweight, yet powerful stick blender that is ideal for small kitchen tasks such as pulsing fruit and vegetables or whisking cream and eggs. This model features a 140-watt motor and has two speeds, which enable you to blend a variety of ingredients and create wonderful recipes.

It features a multifunctional, however, it can be used in conjunction with any Bamix accessories. The Bamix Classic hand blender also comes with a 10-year warranty.

The Bamix Classic stick blender is the entry-level model, however, with the additional two blade accessories, it is more than capable of creating quality blended produce. The sleek, slim design makes it ideal for using in all manner of containers, from glasses, jars, pans and bowls.

This stick blender is different from similar models on the market. It creates a vortex-like action that alters the direction of the blend which in turn creates a suction that drags the ingredients towards the blades. This mechanism reduces splash back and keeps your work surface cleaner.

A nice feature of the Bamix Classic hand blender is the guard which surrounds the blade. This protects the base of your pans from being scratched. Its low speed spins the blades at 10,000 RPM, which is ideal for blending small quantities. However, it high setting spins the blades at 16,000 RPM, making it perfect for tougher ingredients and larger batches.

Why Choose Bamix Vs Other Hand Blenders

Accessories included

• Multi-purpose blade


Key Features

• Lightweight, yet powerful stick blender
• 140-watt motor
• Two-speed settings
• 5 Year Motor and 1 Year Parts Warranty
• Creates a vortex-like action

Bamix® – multi purpose blade Video Demonstration

Product Specifications

Brand Bamix
Colour Red

Product Reviews

  • 5
    Quick and Easy to Use

    This is the perfect strong build hand blender that is very easy to use. It is very powerful so it can whisk eggs and also pule fruits and vegetables very quickly and efficiently. Very handy kitchen device that doesn't take up much room in the kitchen

    Posted by Julianna on 26th Sep 2016