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Bamix Deluxe Hand Blender in Red


Expected to be back in stock week commencing 24th Aug 2020, pre-orders welcome

Product Specifications

Brand Bamix
Colour Red

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Bamix Delux Blender in Red

The Bamix Delux blender is Swiss engineering at its best and has been designed with performance and reliability in mind. This premium quality stick blender is easy to use and extremely efficient, undertaking any kitchen chopping task with precision and care.

Weighing just 940g the Bamix Delux blender is lightweight, which means there is less stress and impact on your hands, wrist and arms. It’s also compact so is as easy to use as it is to store. As well as performance, the Bamix Delux blender has been designed with ergonomics in mind. It fits comfortably into you hand making for the most natural operation possible.

With blending speeds up to 16,000 rpm and an 180-watt motor the Bamix Delux blender is powerful, however, it is also quiet. It can carry out tasks such as mincing, pureeing, stirring, mixing, emulsifying, whipping, frothing, cutting, kneading and grating with extreme precision.

The Bamix Delux blender also comes with loads of great accessories including a practical storage stand with a tool holder; that can be wall mounted for easy of access. The mini food processor bowl comes complete with chopping and grinding blades so you can create even more beautiful dishes. You will also receive a stainless blending head and four head attachments that can be used for different functions.

Once you’ve finished making your recipe, the Bamix Delux blender is so easy to clean. All you have to do is rinse the chrome section under warm water, remove it and then dry it; it’s that easy. What’s more is that you will receive five years motor and one-year parts warranty should you need it.


Why Choose Bamix Vs Other Hand Blenders

Accessories included

  • Multi-Purpose Blade
  • Whisk Blade
  • Beater Blade
  • Blender Stand
  • Dry Grinder Mill


Key Features

• Swiss engineering
• Designed with performance and reliability in mind
• Premium quality stick blender
• 940g, lightweight and compact
• Easy to use and store
• Ergonomically designed
• Up to 16,000 rpm and 180-watt motor
• Any kitchen task from mincing to grating
• Practical storage stand
• Mini food processor bowl
• Chopping and grinding blades
• Four head attachments
• Easy to clean
• Five years motor and one-year parts warranty

Bamix® – multi purpose blade Video Demonstration


Product Specifications

Brand Bamix
Colour Red

Product Reviews