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Sana 828 Vertical Slow Juicer in Orange

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Product Specifications

Brand Sana
Colour Orange

Product Description

Sana have returned to the vertical juicer market with an upgrade to the EUJ-808. Designed to provide all the positives of its predecessor while improving on its flaws, the EUJ-828 is a very enticing model with many useful features and plenty of design flair on its side.


Optimised Juicing Parts

A good juicer is defined by the quality of its parts and this one uses some of the best. All of the components that touch ingredients are made of high quality BPA free plastics and each part is manufactured to a very high standard.

The parts provided in the EUJ-828 also use the latest vertical juicing mechanisms available. As a result they extract some of the highest juice yields among vertical models, keeping waste to a minimum. This new mechanism also makes part assembly easier and less overall force is needed from the user.

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Convenient Dual Hopper

A big factor in assessing juicer quality comes down to ease of use, and the EUJ-828 does well in this field mainly thanks to its dual hopper design. This style of hopper is becoming a standard in vertical juicers and it makes feeding different ingredient types much easier.

Round and wide ingredients such as berries or apple segments can be easily fed through the side funnel and thin ingredients such as carrot and cucumber batons comfortably slot down the top chute.

Premium Quality

The Sana EUJ-828 has a bit more flair than the average juicer and it aims to provide a package befitting a luxury item. This is partly achieved with a very modern and aesthetically appealing design which makes it stand out as a statement item in a kitchen.

However that’s not all, as this juicer also comes with a set of glass juice and pulp collection containers. This is a first for vertical juicers and while not as important in a world of BPA free plastics there’s no denying that glass has a higher quality feel.

Additional Versatility

On top of all its other great features the EUJ-828 is generous with accessories and alongside the typical pusher, cleaning brush and collection containers it is supplied with a coarse screen and a blank screen. These can be used in place of the fine screen to produce different foods and drinks.

The coarse screen has larger holes than the fine screen which allow more pulp through, producing a thicker juice that has many similarities to a smoothie. The blank screen can be used for mixing and grinding ingredients to make foods such as sorbet, ice cream and nut butter.

Product Specifications

Brand Sana
Colour Orange

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