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Stockli Dehydrator

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Product Description

Swiss-made Stockli dehydrators offer an ideal way of preserving the goodness and flavour of  fruit, vegetables, and herbs. Gentle and even drying throughout the continuously-variable temperature regulation of the Stockli Dehydrator means the produce is gently treated and the active warm air circulation ensures absolutely consistent drying. The valuable nutritional qualities in the produce are thereby fully retained. Dried food from the Stockli Dehydrator is not only tasty and inexpensive but also especially healthy. Properly dried and stored food can be preserved for months or even years. Home dried foods require no preservative and, unlike many dried foods offered in the shops, have not been treated with Sulphur. With the STOCKLI Dehydrator, fresh produce can be dried in the plentiful season for enjoyment at a later date!

The Stockli Dehydrator comes equipped with 3 dishwasher-safe drying trays with the option to add a further seven plastic or steel mesh trays to increase the drying area. Additional trays can be purchased in pairs or individually. This dehydrator is also available with a 12-hour integral timer.

Stockli Dehydrator Highlights

Equipped with variable temperature control with fine adjustment between 20 and 70 °C to provide consistent, gentle drying by actively circulating warm air throughout its three deep trays
Features baffles on the fan which distribute heat more evenly with a clever series of concentric outlets in the base
Built in safety cut-out device which prevents the dehydrator from over-heating during the dehydrating process if the airflow is restricted due to overfilling
Ideal for the space challenged kitchen, a 33.5 cm circular base provides a compact footprint for this dehydrator making it ideal where space is limited while still offering a substantial drying area.
Transparent lid displays processing times and has a useful time indicator that can be set by hand to indicate either start or finish time for the produce you are drying.
You can add up to a further seven trays to increase the drying area, and boost the capacity from 1.5kg to 5kg.
Sturdily constructed of food safe, corrosion proof, taste-free polypropylene
Uses an economical (maximum) 600 watts of power
Instruction manual includes recipes and drying times
Fully CE certified.

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 335x335x280
  • Capacity: Up to ten drying trays
  • Weight Unboxed (Kg): 3.5
  • Motor Power (Watts): 600
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Dishwasher Safe Yes 
  • Number of Trays 3 
  • Colour Light Grey

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