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KitchenAid 2.1L Food Processor in Empire Red - 5KFP0919BER

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Product Description

KitchenAid seem confident on being able to help reduce the time it takes you to prepare your meals, so that in turn you have more time to enjoy them. Their 2.1L Food Processor comes packed with everything you need to reduce your prep times and it can do everything the 1.7L Food processor can do. However, KitchenAid have gifted this version with a greater capacity 2.1L BPA Free Work bowl and an additional 2mm fine slicing disk. There are 3 easy press paddles positioned perfectly on the front of the machine that offer a high speed, a lower speed and pulse function. KitchenAid have also planned into the design, a few factors that make using and storing it a lot easier. For example, should you want to keep it on display, the cable can wind up and tidy itself underneath the processor and all accessories and cutting disks can be stored within the 2.1L work bowl. Finally, all working parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe, cutting down on the clean-up time after cooking.

Key Features

  • 3x multifunction Cutting, Slicing and Grating Disks
  • 2.1L BPA Free work bowl
  • Sealed Lid and Leak Resistant Work Bowl
  • A Robust 250watt Motor
  • All in one storage ability
  • 3 Processing Options
  • Dishwasher Safe Parts
  • Base Lock feature for stability

Product Video 

The Added Features

The 2.1L Food Processor does appear similar to the smaller 1.7L Food Processor. However, there are two key features that Kitchen Aid have included in this model to reduce your food preparation time even further, which are not available in the 1.7L version.

  • The addition of the 2mm fine slicing disk, which is to further cut down on the time and care spent chopping ingredients. Quickly preparing a meal when you are pushed for time, still requires extra attention when finely slicing. However, the 2.1L Food Processor takes care of this action in a quick and safe manner. All that is required beforehand is to ensure the item can fit down the 2-in-1 feed chute and then use the pusher included to guide the food towards the cutting disk. This is especially handy for creating quick crisp salads or finely slicing garlic and herbs where flavours can quickly transfer onto your hands.
  • There is also the more capable and larger 2.1L BPA free work bowl. When physically compared to the 1.7L, it is clear that for most families the 2.1L Food Processor would be able to cater to all food prep and meal creation requirements.
  • Finally, although this is not a new addition, the 2.1L Food Processor does come in 4 timeless colours. They have also finished the motor base with a brushed aluminium band that runs around the base of the food processor which gives a good visual upgrade to the device.


Technical Specifications –

Colour: Onyx Black, Empire Red, Almond Cream,Matte Black and Charcoal Grey

Model: KFP0919BER

Accessories: Dough blade, Multi-purpose blade, 2mm thin slice, 4mm medium slice disc & 6mm thick slice disc

Dimensions(LxWxH) (mm): 195mm x 195mm x 390mm

Capacity (L): 2.1L

Weight (kg): 3.9

Power (watts): 250w

Rotation Speed: 750RPM Min / 1500RPM Max

Warranty: 2 Year Guarantee with KitchenAid