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Chanson Miracle MAX Plus Countertop Water Ionizer in White

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Product Description

Chanson Miracle Max Plus Water Ionizer - In White

The Chanson Miracle Max Plus water ionizer is an excellent example of a 7 plate water ionizer which is simple to use yet gives you the quality water will benefit your and your family's life. It is available in 2 different colours which are Black and White and comes with 7 titanium plates which is coated with platinum.


The new Chanson Miracle Max Plus is an upgrade to the every popular Chanson Miracle Max. It is designated to give you great quality Alkaline water which has a powerful antioxidant effect on your body and can promote self-healing as well as improve hydration which can make you feel energised.

This unit is unique in that like the Chanson Miracle Max Royal, and Revolution has a Himalayan rock salt injection system in the actual ionizer. This means that this ionizer can make both strongly acidic and alkaline water regardless of the source of water. On other ionizer models if you had a softening water system then an ionizer would not work as it requires minerals within the water to work efficiently but with the Himalayan rock injection system, this is no longer a problem.

Many people who are interested in purchasing a water ionzier will be doing so based on the benefits that they are getting from the alkaline water. However, the acidic water that you can give you some great uses such as using acidic water in a spray bottle as a natural and chemical free antibacterial spray. Not only is this perfect for the environment but it can save you a lot of money in the long run as well.

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Large Plates, Small Unit

Larger plates allow for better water flow, and with a whooping 246.5 so inches of total ionization surface, this model can out perform other 9 plate ionizers on the market. The Chanson titanium electrode plates have been independently lab tested to be 99.998% pure titanium. The Chanson Miracle Max is one of the smallest 7 plate ionizers on the market, and you may not be able to tell however there are some large countertop ionizers on the market and countertop space can be limited in some cases, so it is certainly a bonus with this ionizer.

Highest & Lowest pH level achieved

The Chanson Miracle Max has the ability to produce some of the lowest and highest pH levels of any ionizer on the market and can achieve great results. This is dependant on the water source and also the flow rate with the lower the flow rate, the stronger the alteration from its starting pH however when tested with water from Laguna Hills, CA in the USA it achieved a pH range of 2.4 to 12.1 with an ORP of +1200 to -800.


RAD Self-Cleaning System

The breakthrough system called Radial Action De-Calcification self-cleaning system is a major leap inside the Chanson ionizer. The major issue with all ionizers is the calcium build inside the plate cells. Many ionizers will loose effectiveness of their operation up to 30% in the first 3 months alone due to insufficient cleaning programs offered by various manufacturers. The RAD cleaning system has been tested in water which contains 1300ppm (total dissolved solids TDS) which is very hard water and has no issues with cleaning and maintaining the plate free from scale.

Low Power Consumption

The lower the power used in an ionizer, the less generated inside the ionizer and all of this means that the parts of the ionizer are preserved for much longer giving you ionizer a long life. Chanson has learned in over 20 years of manufacturing that you cannot have high wattage coming into the ionizer and also long plate life. If an ionizer has over 180w of wattage coming into the ionizer, you will drastically reduce the life of the plate, and this is why the Chanson Miracle Max Plus uses only 150w of power unlike other ionizers on the market which use up to 500w.

On Board Flow Control

With the Chanson Miracle Max, you are in control. You can simply dial down or up the flow which increases the speed that your water passes through the ionizer. By reducing the flow rate of the water, you can make your water stronger both in the acidic or alkaline direction. This gives you the complete control to adjust the way you get your water.


Advanced CP & Auto Memory Save

With the Chanson Miracle Max ioniser your able to make small adjustments to the ioniser. If you are getting a pH of 9.5 and would like 9.3, this is no problems, and you can achieve this. Whenever you do make adjustments to your settings, they are automatically saved, so you do not need to worry about entering this information in over and over again.

Easy Installation

The Chanson Miracle Max is a counter top water ioniser and therefore very easy to install. It is simply just the removal of an existing aerator from your tap and connecting the provided faucet diverter, and you are ready to go.

Key Features

- Model: Chanson Mircle Max Plus Water Ionizer
- Dimensions: 24.7cm (L) x 15.0cm (D) x 30.5cm (H)
- Filter Type: PJ-6000 (Silver)

- Filter Life - 9000 litres depending on your incoming water quality or 1 year whichever comes sooner. 

- Weight: 4.5kg
- pH Range: 2.7 - 11.3 (depenant on water source)
- ORP Range: +900 to -800
- Operating Tempreature: 5-40 degrees celcious
- Operating Water Pressure: 8-90 PSI
- Power: 5W - 150W
- Warranty: 2 Years Domestic