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Yonanas Frozen Dessert Maker in Silver

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Product Specifications

Brand Yonanas
Colour Silver
Weight 4.0 KG

Product Description

Ice cream can be the perfect dessert after a meal, but most ice creams are very high in sugar and fat. With Yonanas you can make frozen fruit into a soft serve ice cream like texture, without having to worry about calories. Not only is this frozen dessert good for you but it's great for people who are dairy intolerant as the desserts Yonanas can produce are 100% fruit. With a user-friendly design everyone can use it and even kids can get involved.


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The Yonanas recipe book suggests that you should thaw your ingredients 10 minutes before you intend to start using your Yonanas as this helps to create a creamy like texture. The base of your dessert should be bananas, as this can also aid with the smooth texture. Don't worry if you're not a banana lover because the other flavours tend to mask the banana taste. After you have added your bananas you have the freedom to add whatever you fancy, you can even add nuts or chocolate!

Many juicers now come with homogenising blanks which enable you to create ice cream in your juicer. However, in a juicer the auger and homogenising blank turn very slowly, as this is the best way to get juice, but not necessarily the best way to create a smooth frozen dessert. Yonanas use a fast spinning blade at the end of the chute which makes your ingredients come out a lot smoother than a juicer.


It is possible to make mediocre ice cream in your blender or juicer, but with Yonanas you can create a range of frozen desserts that will have the texture of soft serve ice cream. Kids especially will love this device, as it's a fun and easy way to make delicious homemade frozen desserts. Put your Yonanas to the test and see if you can taste the difference between regular ice cream and your own frozen dessert.

Technical Specifications

  • Model Name: EK1286
  • Colour: Silver
  • Dimensions (mm): 160 (L) x 155 (W) x 360 (H)
  • Power (Watts): 200
  • Weight (kg): 1.4
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Product Specifications

Brand Yonanas
Colour Silver

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