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Sage the Smart Fryer in Stainless Steel

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Product Specifications

Brand Sage
Colour Stainless Steel
Weight 1.2 KG

Product Description

The Smart Fryer by Sage

Like everything from Sage, this intuitive machine is the first of its kind to adjust time and temperature to suit exactly what you’re cooking, for example, the smart fryer has different cooking times for fresh and frozen ingredients. There are also 7 pre-installed functions to guarantee perfect frying, for different types of food. You can access these preset functions via the LCD screen, with just a click of a button. The Smart Fryer is finished in a robust and stylish brushed stainless steel, which will bring a modern feel to your kitchen worktop, as well as perfect frying results.

Key Features

  • Electronic thermostat
  • Mesh filter minimises cooking odours
  • Digital control
  • CoolZone technology prevents burning and extends oil life
  • Fresh/Frozen setting automatically changes the time or temperature
  • 4L oil capacity 
  • 1.2kg food capacity
  • 7 cooking presets & timer
  • Double-walled exterior and cool-touch handles
  • Viewing window in lid
  • Auto Shut-Off Protection

Product Demonstration


Unbeatable Frying Results 

There are 7 common fried food preset settings on the Sage Smart Fryer, all with individual cooking times and temperatures. This feature is great as some foods such as chips need to be fried at a higher temperature for longer, whilst calamari requires a lower temperature for a shorter time. 

Simply select the food you are cooking from the LCD screen, and whether it is fresh or frozen, the fryer knows when to deliver certain temperatures and how long to maintain them for. The Fryer then beeps to let you know you’re your food is at the optimal crispiness.  

The preset settings include fries, twice fried fries (for that extra crunch), fish, wings, calamari, doughnuts and custom. If you don’t want to use one of the pre-set functions, the custom option gives you complete control over the time and oil temperature.

LCD Control Panel 

The illuminated LCD displays the 7 preset functions with their automatic temperature and time settings. It also displays oil temperature throughout the cooking process and a count down timer to let you know when it's ready to be served. 

Cool Zone Technology 

This clever technology has a powerful 3000W heating element which reflects heat upward. This creates a cool zone in the oil that traps food debris, this technology extends the oils life, prevents excess burning and cuts down on oil wastage.  

To ensure the oil retains its heat in the fryer, Sage has created a thick double walled exterior to ensure no heat is lost when cooking. There is also cool touch handles and a glass viewing pane in the lid to make cooking that little bit easier. The container can hold up to 4L of oil and cook up to 1.2kg of food.  

This smart appliance has temperature sensors that will automatically turn off the fryer if the oil heats up beyond the maximum temperature. There is also an innovative flat Cool Plate at the base of the pan which allows you to use 1/4 less oil than a conventional deep fryer.  

Another smart feature of the smart fryer is the special vents which allow steam to escape whilst a permanent filter reduces the release of oil vapours and odours into your kitchen. 

Easy Cleaning 

Easy clean up is something every product should have and Sage have made sure their smart fryer is easy to clean. The Smart Fryer comes with a protective lid to stop oil splatter and guide oil back inside. The Smart Fryer all comes apart for cleaning, and all parts except the element are dishwasher safe.

Technical Specifications 

  • Model: BDF500UK
  • Fryer Type: Deep Fat Fryer
  • Capacity: 1.2kg Frying Basket
  • Oil Capacity: 4 litres 
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Construction Materials: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions (cm): 27(W) X 40(L) X 25(H)
  • Power: 3000 Watts
  • Warranty: 2 Year Repair or Replacement Warranty
  • Accessories Included: Basket, instruction manual

Product Specifications

Brand Sage
Colour Stainless Steel

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