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Sage Nutri Juicer Cold Plus Centrifugal Juicer

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Product Specifications

Brand Sage
Colour Stainless Steel

Product Description

Sage the Nutri Juicer Cold Plus

Sage continue to add to their “Nutri Juicer Cold” series models, this time with the Cold Plus. Designed be the middle stepping stone between the Cold and the Cold XL, the Nutri Juicer Cold Plus offers powerful and fast performance while doing its best to produce a high-quality, nutrient rich juice.


Cold Spin Technology™ 

The main advantage of this latest generation of Sage juicers is the advanced Cold Spin Technology™ they utilise. This technology provides superior insulation to the juice, keeping the impact of heat from the motor to a minimum. Sage claim that in a normal juicing session there would be a temperature transfer of less than 1°C. Although how much this impacts on the nutrition offered by the juice is tough to confirm.

Variable Speed Modes

The Cold Plus is among the best centrifugal models on the market for performance and this is further aided by its use of 2 speed settings. With Low and High power modes the Cold Plus can get more juice out of different types of ingredients. The slower setting is ideal for high juice ingredients such as berries and citrus fruits, where the high power setting is the best choice with tougher fruits and root vegetables.

Reduced Preparation

One big advantage of centrifugal juicers is their speed. However, as fast as the devices themselves are, overall juicing speed is still limited by preparation. The Cold Plus stands out here though as it has a huge 88mm feed chute. This allows a large majority of ingredients to be juiced whole or with a very minimal amount of preparation, speeding the entire experience up even further.

Advanced Collection Jug

The juice collection jug provided with the Cold Plus is of a much higher calibre than the containers provided with most juicers. It has a huge 2L capacity, which is impressive on its own and allows it to hold enough juice to last more than one day. However, beyond that, the jug can also provide an airtight storage option with a simple 180° rotation of the lid, blocking off the entry of air, reducing nutrient loss through oxidation.

Sturdy Design

Sage always aim to provide an impressive level of build quality and the Nutri Juicer Cold Plus is no exception. It’s body is encased in brushed stainless steel, giving it durability against dents and scratches and the spinning blade and filter basket have been precision made in Italy. The Cold Plus also has a small form on the scale of Sage juicers, which keeps the amount of countertop space required as low as possible.

Product Specifications

Brand Sage
Colour Stainless Steel

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