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Nutrifaster N450 Commercial Juicer


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Colour Chrome

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When time can be an expense that you don’t have, you would want your juicing to be as quick and simple as possible. Speed and reliability quickly become the most prioritised features when searching for a juicer and if you need a machine that is renowned for both then it is worth looking at the Nutrifaster N450. Amongst its key features are a relatively low operating volume (despite the operating speed), useable in both a domestic and commercial settings with no concerns around reliability and endurance.

Customer Note: There is a 14 day lead time on this product

Key Features

  • Has been designed and engineered for heavy-duty commercial use and is ideal for Juice bars, Health clubs, Spas and Restaurants.
  • Features a large feeding chamber (63 by 44mm ), juicing both fruits and vegetables with immediate pulp ejection for non-stop juicing (pulp-ejection tube directs pulp below the countertop). 
  • Machine is extremely quiet in operation and easy to operate, the only limitation on the speed of production is how quickly you can feed it.
  • Safety interlock switch installed for operator safety


Product Video

A Loveable Giant

With a design that promotes speed, durability and reliability, the Nutrifaster N450 is still considered by the majority to tie in comfortably in a domestic kitchens aesthetic. Of course this is down to personal preference, however there is no denying that for a busier household (a family of 6-8 for example) or a bustling Juice bar situated in the cultural quarter of a city centre, the Nutrifaster has very little competition when it comes to yield vs time.

Produce in, Juice Out

With its heavy duty dual cutting plate configuration, the Nutrifaster has no issues getting juice out of hard and soft fruits and vegetables. The fine mesh basket can efficiently separate the pulp from the juice as well as allow the Nutrifaster N450 to centrifugally extract as much juice as possible from the pulp before swiftly ejecting the pulp through the ejection tube.

Time Saved Everywhere

So the Nutrifaster boasts that it can save you time in your juicing routine, but then you may think that you are being tricked into longer cleaning times. Well you will be pleased to discover that (again thanks to its simple and solid design) cleaning it takes no longer than it would any other juicer. The large and robust parts have less smaller spaces/crevices where juice and pulp may hide away and dry up into a sticky residue, the stainless steel finish ensures a clean and hygienic surface for the produce to come into contact which is ideal for commercial settings. The design of this juicer makes it the perfect commercial centrifugal juicer for a busy environment that requires a large volume output with very little noise.



  • Dimensions (l x w x h) 310x310x480mm 
  • Weight 28kg 
  • Large 3.5" / 8.9cm Feeder tube
  • Power consumption: 1060W
  • Voltage: 220-240v – 50/60kz
  • RPM 3,250 
  • Powerful 1.4 HP motor for all day juicing of fruits and vegetables
  • 3.5" diameter pulp ejection tube for easy cleanup
  • Stainless steel motor shaft
  • Juices Wheatgrass? No 
  • Parts Warranty 1 Year Commercial 
  • Motor Warranty 1 Year Commercial 

Product Specifications

Colour Chrome

Product Reviews