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Magimix le Duo Plus XL Centrifugal Juicer in Cream

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Product Specifications

Brand Magimix
Colour Cream

Product Description

Magimix le Duo Plus XL Centrifugal Juicer

Fast and very useful, the Magimix le Duo Plus XL is an enticing centrifugal juicer that offers great overall value. It brings together many strong features, including an ultra wide feed chute, a high capacity extractor basket and some intriguing accessories, to provide an enjoyable and easy juicing process with a few helpful twists. All of that is then made even more appealing by the simple, yet alluring body design of the le Duo, which helps to make it a truly complete package.

Ultra Wide Feed Chute

Among the many features of the le Duo Plus XL juicer, the ultra wide feed chute proves to be one of the most useful and it serves as an excellent time saver. Now a majority of common ingredients for juices can be processed without the need for any preparation, keeping the juicing experience streamlined. The wide chute also makes juicing large amounts of smaller ingredients easier to do in one go, so a tasty berry juice doesn’t have to be more time consuming.

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Fast Juicing Performance

Since it is a centrifugal juicer, the Magimix le Duo Plus XL operates at high speeds up to 1500 RPM (Rotations Per Minute). Working at such speeds ensures that the le Duo can immediately work its way through ingredients as they are fed down the chute, making it easy to produce large amounts of juice in very little time.

High Waste Capacity

By nature centrifugal juicers produce quite a lot of waste, and this doesn’t take long to build up. Therefore, the le Duo Plus XL has been designed to handle plenty of waste before it needs to be cleaned out. This ensures a smooth juicing process with minimal risk of disruption.

Exceptional Versatility

Outside of being optimised for standard juice extraction, the Magimix le Duo Plus XL is equipped with a smoothie mixer and a citrus press attachment to expand its available functions. The smoothie mixer is ideal for use with soft fruits and it can be attached to the juice extractor to produce thicker juices, coulis and purees. As a result this also leads to less waste as more pulp passes through to the end product.

The citrus press can be attached in place of the standard juicing components and can be equipped with either a small or large remaing cone, depending on the size of the citrus fruit being juiced. As a result, this accessory is able to extract large amounts of juice from any type of citrus ingredient in a very short time.

Product Specifications

Brand Magimix
Colour Cream

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