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Kuvings SV-500 Vacuum Blender in White

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Product Specifications

Brand Kuvings
Colour White

Product Description

Kuvings SV-500 Vacuum Blender

The market for vacuum blending is growing, and the Kuvings SV-500 takes it to new levels of quality. It uses perfected technology to efficiently prevent oxidation during blending and can blitz through any ingredient with a capable 3.5 HP motor. On top of all that, the SV-500 is also equipped with noise reduction housing, keeping it comfortable to use during manual operation.


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Noise Reduction Housing

Among the top features of the SV-500, the noise reduction housing is one of the most useful. By keeping the powerful 3.5 HP motor quiet it prevents discomfort during periods of manual blending and offers additional protection from an accident. It is even more impressive to see it included on a model at this price point as typically noise reduction technology is reserved for commercial blenders.

Vacuum Blending

Helping the Kuvings SV-500 to stand apart from the crowd is the included vacuum blending function. It works by sucking all air out of the blending container and can be activated on its own manually or as part of a whole automatic blending cycle. By removing all the air during a blend, ingredients being blended won’t be oxidised, allowing for them to retain higher nutrient levels and last for longer when stored.

Perfect Performance

The blending process in the Kuvings SV-500 is simple and 3 function buttons are available, each providing its own function. These buttons give the choice between vacuum suction, standard blending or an automatic cycle, which combines blending and vacuum suction together in a single operation. Once blending, the SV-500 utilises 6 heat treated blades to form a tridimensional movement. This movement finely blends ingredients allowing for very even flavours and textures to be achieved.

Additionally, the SV-500 is provided with a tamper. Unfortunately this can't be used alongside the vacuum function, but it proves to be very helpful in adjusting thicker blends to create smoother and more even textures.

Practical Design

To cap off its fantastic array of features, the SV-500 has a good looking and modern design. It is made from a selection of hard wearing and durable plastics ensuring it can handle frequent use. The blending container is made of BPA free plastics, ensuring there is no chemical leaching and has been designed for use a storage jug. Finally, the SV-500 also has a useful safety sensor that prevents its activation if the blending container is not in the correct position on the base.

Product Specifications

Brand Kuvings
Colour White

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