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KitchenAid Queen of Hearts Artisan High Performance Blender 5KSB6060HBSD in Passion Red

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Free UK Next Working Day Delivery

Product Description

To celebrate their 100th Birthday, KitchenAid have gifted this Blender a unique Passion Red Colour, as well as sleek chrome accents and a special trimband incorporating hundreds of miniature hearts to symbolize the energy, strength and passion that all KitchenAid devices are designed and made with.

KitchenAid’s new Artisan range is creating a name for itself in the domestic kitchen appliance contest for a good reason. Across the whole range they have developed robust, reliable and sturdy machines that are all tailored to do their specific task to the highest standards, all whilst offering a modern aesthetic and easy to use interface. The KitchenAid High Performance Blender enables you to create and blend anything that you can dream of; from ice or chickpeas to make humus to smoothies and hot soups. It is able to do this almost effortlessly thanks to KitchenAid coupling a very capable 1800watt motor with a unique, stainless steel asymmetric blade (designed by KitchenAid themselves). The 2.6L BPA free jar is strong and robust, and with its ability to hold and process larger quantities than most others blenders on the market, it can make light work of food preparation or batch blending to save you time at a later date.

 Key Features

  • 9 Variable Speeds
  • Robust Die-Cast Metal Body Construction
  • Unique Asymmetric Blade Design
  • Dishwasher Safe, BPA Free Blending Jar
  • Modern Design
  • Secure Vented Lid with Measuring Cap
  • Matt Metal Body Finishes

 Designed for you

KitchenAid have added this blender to their already popular Artisan range to provide users with an outstanding model that is more powerful and can process larger quantities, yet giving it a more compact and stylistic look. The High-Performance Blender, gives the user full access to 9 power levels and a powerful pulse option, allowing you to create any blending recipe you can imagine. There is a useful silicone stabilizer jar pad, which KitchenAid have included as an optional extra as you may need it to support the jar during longer blending sessions and reduce vibrations in general. The High Performance blender has also been aesthetically designed to fit into most domestic kitchens, but follows KitchenAid’s traditional design methodology of clean lines and bold shapes all wrapped in a premium finish. With this blender, there are three colours to choose from – Matte Black and Matte White, which are exclusive to the High Performance range, as well as the Limited Edition “Queen of Hearts” Passion Red model which has been released to celebrate the 100th Birthday of KitchenAid.

Product Video

 What can it do?

The High Performance Blender from KitchenAid has the ability to create fresh Pesto’s, Breadcrumbs for toppings and roughly chop vegetables and herbs all with a few presses of the handy pulse switch. Fruit smoothies, green smoothies and other, thicker in consistency, creations including spreads and dips can be created in minutes by following the recipes and ensuring that you layer the ingredients accordingly, allowing the mixing vortex (created by the asymmetrical blades design) to pull in the produce and give you a consistent texture. Soups can be specifically tailored to the texture and consistency you desire as you have full control all the way through the blending process. This extends to creating sauces as well, allowing the mixing and working together of ingredients at a more controlled and steady pace, which can be achieved simply by setting the power level to 1 or 2.

Technical Specifications –

Colour: Matte White, Matte Black, “Queen of Hearts” Passion Red

Model: 5KSB6060HBSD

Dimensions(LxWxH) (mm): 231mm x 267mm x 450mm

Capacity (L): 2.6

Weight (kg): 9

Power (watts): 1800w

Warranty: 10 Year Warranty with KitchenAid