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Chanson Shower Spa Water Filter in White

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Product Specifications

Brand Chanson
Colour White
Weight 0.5 KG

Product Description

Chanson Shower Spa Filter

Whether you're drinking it or showering in it, chlorine is used to disinfect our water and the only way to get rid of the chlorine is by using a filter. According to the Environmental Protection Agency  “breathing small amounts of chlorine in whilst showering can irritate the skin and lungs.” The Chanson Spa can eliminate 95% of harmful chlorine from your shower water as well as softening the water.

Key Features      

  • Relief from dry skin and hair 
  • An improved lather of soaps and shampoos 
  • Simplistic design 
  • Easy install as can attach to most shower fixtures
  • 12-18 month filter life

 The Benefits

Chlorine irritates the skin, the eyes, and the respiratory system so we believe it's crucial to use a shower filter. The Chanson Spa Shower Filter uses the highest quality chlorine and chloramine reduction material, calcium sulphite, which has been proven more effective than active carbon.

The Chanson Shower Spa use plenty of science to enable you to shower in chlorine free soft water. Water is forced through a membrane that has tiny holes which are no larger than .0001 micron. This causes unwanted water pollutants to be removed but allows health-essential minerals to pass through. However, the mineral calcium is decreased significantly as this mineral is the cause of hard water. Most filters remover calcium by using chemicals or salt solutions, but the Chanson Spa only uses natural ways to clean the water.

One way the Spa removes calcium is by using an innovative deflector that creates negative ions. These energising negative ions are good for the human body and allow valuable minerals to be absorbed via the skin. This can create beneficial health improvements such as improved sleep and immune system. 

Small ceramic balls are placed within the shower filter, which reduces the waters surface tension. This is how the hardness of the water is reduced, thus allowing you to lather shampoo and soap a lot easier. The small ceramic balls also help improve the quality of your skin, scalp and hair. 


The best part about this shower filter is the ease of installation as no special tools are required. Simply screw the filter inlet onto your existing shower arm and hand tighten. The Chanson shower filter should be used with a good quality, low flow shower head that has been purchased since 1995, as this will see the best results. 

How long the shower lasts, all depends on the quality of your water and how well you look after it. The cleaner and softer the water is, the longer the filter will last. Chanson has determined that the filter will last approximately 12-18 months for a family of four, using 15,000-20,000 litres in that period.  

The filter is designed to be easy to take out and put back in. Unscrew the side body cap, throw away the existing filter, replace with the new filter, and screw the body cap back on. The shower filter body should last for several years if taken care of properly.

Technical Specification 

  • Model: Spa BF-007W
  • Dimensions LxWxH (cm): 13.6 x 8.7 x 14.8
  • Weight (g): 490
  • Filter Life: 12-18 months 




Product Specifications

Brand Chanson
Colour White

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