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Blueair Pro XL Air Purifier

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Product Description

The Blueair Pro XL is an advanced air purifier designed to filter the air in rooms up to 110 m². As a professional model, its slim and tidy form factor is perfect for work environments, but it can also be enjoyed in the home. Naturally, it makes a great impression through its incredible filtration ability that can successfully reduce the levels of many air contaminants by over 99%, providing cleaner and healthier air in record times.

V-Shaped HEPA Filtration

The Pro XL is a very capable purifier, and it can remove an incredibly wide array of allergens and air contaminants down to 0.1 microns in size. This includes pollen, dust, PM 2.5, pet dander, mould, smoke, bacteria and viruses, to name a few. Its V-Shaped design increases its overall surface area and at its top speed setting, it can even complete five complete air changes in an hour, ensuring its impact is immediately noticeable.

Additionally, the optimised gradient structure of the ultrasonically bonded fibres in the filters allows for the removal of these contaminants while maintaining maximum airflow. That structure also prevents the release of captured contaminants back into the environment, including bacteria and moulds. Each filter has a life of 6 months or around 4,380 hours when used to its maximum limits.

Engineered for Quality

The high-quality Swedish engineering of the Pro XL is very apparent in its construction. The housing of the unit is built from galvanised steel, giving it incredible durability and it is even powder-coated, giving it a sleek and easy to clean finish. As a result of its brilliant build quality, Blueair has put their confidence in it by offering a great five-year warranty, ensuring the Pro XL will be good to go for many years.

Protects Against Viruses

A critical role for any good air purifier is to filter out airborne bacteria or viruses. The Pro XL excels at this purpose, and it is not only able to effectively filter out over 99% of harmful germs, but it can also prevent their reproduction. As a result, the air in the surrounding environment is safer to breathe.

Whisper Quiet Operation

Beyond its impressive filtration abilities, the Pro XL is very quiet when in operation. At its lowest power setting, the outputted noise level is 32 dB, which is equivalent to whispering or light snoring and even at its highest setting, the noise level is only 58 dB, which is similar to a standard conversation. Therefore, even in calm business environments it won’t cause a disturbance and is an ideal fit in a large office.

Environmentally Friendly

To match its quiet operation, the Blueair Pro XL is very efficient to run, even for long periods. When used at its lowest setting, it has an output of just 22 watts, and it caps off at 256 watts at its highest setting. As a result, the Pro XL is Energy Star rated as one of the best in its class.

Its efficiency is all thanks to the low dense design of its filters, which require less pressure to circulate air through them. Additionally, both the Particle and SmokeStop™ filters available for use in the Pro XL can be widely recycled.

Sensor Technology

Unlike the other Pro series models, the XL’s abilities are expanded by default with the optional Air Intelligence Module. This module senses and analyses the air around it and can function automatically based on the quality of the surrounding air. Therefore, at times of day where air pollution is more common, it can increase the Pro XL’s setting to keep the surrounding air safe.

SmokeStop™ Upgrade

Pushing its abilities even further, the Pro XL can also be upgraded with Blueair’s refined SmokeStop™ filters in place of the standard Particle filters. The SmokeStop™ filters match the Particle filters in terms of capability, but they also used activated carbon to effective trap smoke, odours, traffic fumes and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

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