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Blueair Cabin Air P2i Air Purifier

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Product Description

Blueair Cabin Air P2i Air Purifier

The Blueair Cabin Air P2i is the ultimate way to filter the air in a vehicle, and it works brilliantly in spaces up to 4 m². It’s highly capable coimbination filter allows it be effective against an incredible collection of common air contaminants and it can reduce many of them by over 95%. That top quality filtration is then paired with Blueair’s finest technology to allow the P2i to complete a full air cycle in just six minutes for a very exciting and compact purification solution.

Combination Filtration

The combination filter used in the Cabin Air P2i allows it to purify air to a very high standard. In suitable spaces, it can remove a wide array of allergens and air contaminants including pollen, dust, mould, PM 2.5, formaldehyde, benzene and tire wear to name a few. Additionally, since the combination filter has an active carbon section, the P2i also removes smoke and odours, which isn’t possible with a standard particle filter on its own.

Optimum Design

The P2i’s combination filter also features an optimised gradient structure, which allows for the removal of allergens and contaminants while maintaining maximum airflow. That structure prevents the release of captured contaminants back into the environment, including bacteria and moulds. Each filter has a life of 6 months or around 4,380 hours when used to its maximum limits.

Sensor Technology

One factor that makes the Cabin Air P2i stand out is its ability to sense and analyse the air around it, which is a concept borrowed from Blueair’s Classic range. As a result, it can provide feedback on the quality of the surrounding air, and can automatically adjust its settings to deal with any threats it detects.

Environmentally Friendly

Returning to the basics, the Blueair Cabin Air P2i is also unbelievably efficient. When used at its lowest setting, it has an output of just 2.2 watts. To put that in perspective, that’s less than your average small LED light. Even at its highest setting it only uses 7 watts of power, keeping its impact on vehicle performance to a minimum. Additionally, its filter can be recycled, which keeps its overall footprint small.

Remote Control

To cap off an impressive package, the Cabin Air P2i can be controlled remotely through any smart device that is compatible with Blueair’s free app. The app will pair the smart device of choice to the purifier through a Bluetooth connection, allowing for operation settings to be changed at will for optimal air quality.

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