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Blueair Blue Pure 221 Air Purifier

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Product Description

The Blueair Blue Pure 221 is a very powerful and sleek air purifier designed to filter the air in rooms up to 50 m². Its greatest strength lies in its incredibly fast purification speed that combines perfectly with its combination filter to remove a wide array of air contaminants. That advantage has also been paired with whisper-quiet and efficient operation levels and an adaptive design to create a spectacular purification package.

Maximum Purification Speeds

In terms of power and speed, the Blue Pure 221 is one of the best models on the market. At its highest setting, it has an amazing clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 350 cubic feet per minute, which is aided by its 360° intake radius. That’s much faster than a vast majority of purifiers and is the result of Blueair’s ultimate combination of mechanical and electrostatic filtration used alongside a powerful fan.

Combination Filtration

Despite being relatively compact, the Blue Pure 221 is an incredibly capable purifier. This is mainly thanks to its combination filter, which can remove a wide array of allergens and air contaminants. This includes pollen, dust, PM 2.5, pet dander, mould, smoke, bacteria and viruses, to name a few. Additionally, since the combination filter has an active carbon section, the 221 is also able to remove smoke, odours, gases and VOC’s, which can’t be achieved with a standard particle filter on its own.

Optimum Design

The combination filter used in the Blue Pure 221 also features an optimised gradient structure, which allows for the removal of allergens and contaminants while maintaining maximum airflow. That structure also prevents the release of captured contaminants back into the environment, including bacteria and moulds. Each filter has a life of 6 months or around 4,380 hours when used to its maximum limits.

Customisable Style

Beyond its filtration ability, the Blue Pure 221 is also quite aesthetically pleasing, which is the result of its clean and modern design. Its reasonably compact build also allows it to fit effectively in many different environments. Therefore, to ensure it matches the style of any room it is placed in, Blueair has built the 221 to adapt. By default, it is supplied with blue and grey fabric pre-filters, but these can be swapped for other optional colours such as pink and yellow.

Efficient Controls

One flaw of many air purifiers is that they can be complicated to use and understand. However, with the Blue Pure 221, this certainly won’t be the case as just one button is used to activate it and to cycle through settings. The button also indicates when the current filter needs to be replaced.

Whisper Quiet Operation

Above all else, the Blue Pure 221 is impressively quiet when in operation. At its lowest power setting, the outputted noise level is 31 dB, which is equivalent to whispering or light snoring and even at its highest setting, the noise level is only 56 dB, which is similar to a standard conversation. Therefore, it is a great nighttime purifier that can also find a home in many different rooms and workspaces.

Environmentally Friendly

To match its quiet operation, the Blueair Blue Pure 221 is very efficient, especially for its performance level. When used at its lowest setting, it has an output of just 30 watts, and it caps off at an impressive 61 watts at its highest setting. Therefore, it is no surprise that the 221 is Energy Star rated as one of the best in its class. As a bonus, its filters are fully recyclable, keeping its footprint very small.

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