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​Why is Fresh Juice so Expensive to Buy?

The heat is on with the onset of the summer and many will opt for a can of cola or their favorite soft drink to quench their thirst and beat the heat! But this is an era of fitness and lifestyle enthusiasts and gym goers, these people are shying away from soft drinks and beverages as they hinder the shape of the body with the amount of excess sugar in them, thus everyone is opting for a fresh glass of fruit/vegetable juice and healthy concoctions.  However, there is no respite with fresh juices as the solution costs a lot while a can of soft drink will not burn a hole in your pocket (although it does to your fitness regime), a glass of revitalizing fresh juice surely will.

It can cost you four times as much to lay your hands on a glass of prepared fresh juice. Let us look at what are the reasons for such a high price for fresh juices.

Organic is not that Economic

Juice bars serving luscious and revitalizing fresh juices need to ensure that they serve their happy and thirsty customers with freshest of organic produce bought every day which counts for a high retail price. Moreover, large amounts of organic fruits and vegetables need to be preserved in large cold storages which are, mind you, not that cheap! (You would know the cost of organic produce if you happen to shop from a local farmers’ market)

Damn you Rent

The land is scarce and the land on which your favorite juice bar or shop stands demands a high monthly rent. Commercial rents start at $5 extending up to $17 per square foot, and if you know your math well, that’s around $5000 - $10000 a month for more than 300 sq. ft. area. Common utilities for a year may cost another $10000 and commercial waste disposal services may cost the juice bar $11 a pound. So it’s not that easy grinding for the juice makers!

Cost of Equipment

The juicers, blenders and processors needed for such a commercial purpose are not equivalent to your regular 3 in 1 home juicer, blender and mixer found at home. The commercial juicers are specific equipment for dealing with continuous tasks and must be up to the task or running all day to meet demand.

You need man power too

A juicer, juices and a blender, blends! But that’s not all that is involved. You need man power to do all the basic stuff like prepping, serving and cleaning. An employer has to include all costs in the product to cater all the resources.

You gotta pay your Taxes

You just can’t legally sell your commodity or product out in the middle without taxation, hence considering all the revenues and taxes to be paid to the government, the cost of the juice is kept such high.

With prices of commercial fresh juice continuously rising, why not invest in a good quality home juicer which you can use to prep and store your own juice? This will heavily reduce costs and there are many recipes available to ease the process.  We also provide a valuable free Miracle Juices Book with every juicer that offers a range of different juice recipes that you can try.  The recipes offered are also good in treating certain medical conditions.  So, what are you waiting for with the summer coming on...??