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Tools to Make Juicing a Breeze

Juicing is so easy when you have the right tools, so getting all the right equipment is going to give you the best start to your juicing journey. You don’t need to go out and buy really expensive tools to help you achieve the best possible juice, but it is important that you get the best quality juicer you can afford. Below we list off some of the best juicing tools for a flawless juicing experience.

Sharp Knives

Having a sharp knife is a great way to make prepping your ingredients quick. You can buy a set of knives that you'll be able to use throughout your kitchen or, you can just buy one knife that will be used just for prepping your fruit and veg. We offer a range of good quality knives from Kuhn Rikon.

When it comes to buying good quality knives it is important to look at the hardness of the blade. The harder the blade, the more time it will take for the knife to get blunt. Kuhn Rikon knives are made in Japan and have ice-hardened stainless steel blades which, guarantee prolonged sharpness and resistance to corrosion. Ice-hardened steel is when the metal is cooled down to around -20˚C to -150˚C. The final result of exactly how hard the steel becomes depends on the amount of carbon present in the metal.

If you are wondering what the difference between Japanese and German knives are then it's all down to the sharpness. Japanese knives are hard and very sharp but require much more maintenance in terms of cleaning and sharpening, whereas German knives are duller but are easier to clean and sharpen.

Our favourite knives for preparing fruits and vegetables are

Kuhn Rikon COLORI Titanium Paring Knife

The COLORI Titanium Paring Knife by Kuhn Rikon is made of ice-solidified Japanese stainless steel, with a top layer covering of titanium. This gives it a stunning sparkle while giving a sharp and strong edge. This Paring Knife is ideal for preparing fruit and vegetables whilst gliding through cheese and bread. The handle is made from non-slip material to help reduce the chance of an accident.

Kuhn Rikon NOIR Santoku Knife

The blade is coated with a non-stick material, which prevents food sticking to the blade. This makes it perfect for general food preparation and is well suited to dicing, cutting or mincing various foods. You will also receive a matching sheath which will allow safe storage in your drawer and prevent the knife coming into contact with any other cutlery.

Knife Sharpener

If you don’t want to go out and purchase a new knife set then you can always buy a knife sharpener, which will make your old knives seem brand new.

Our top pick is the Kuhn Rikon Dual Knife Sharpener, which uses ceramic grinding stones to sharpen up the edge of straight or serrated blades. Thanks to its non-slip feet and grip-tight handle it is secure and ensures that blades are kept facing down during the sharpening process.

Citrus Attachment

You can juice citrus fruits in a juicer, but you won’t always receive the best yield. If you are interested in making fresh orange juice most mornings, then its well worth considering a citrus attachment. A good citrus attachment is by Hurom, as it is compatible with any previously purchased 1st or 2nd generation juicers as well as the Hurom H-AA, Hurom HV & Omega VSJ (The Hurom HZ is also compatible, but this attachment is included with it in the box and doesn't need to be purchased separately). However, if you don’t have any of these juicers it would be good to look at a citrus juicer.

Vacuum Storage

BPA free Vacuum containers are best for storing juice because they suck all of the air out of the container and the plastic won't leach into your juice due to its BPA free title. A Vacuum will extract all the oxygen from the container, and with the Status range, a pump is provided to allow this. Since most bacteria need oxygen to live and thrive, the vacuum accomplishes the task of protecting the foods from being exposed to these specific bacteria, which causes spoiling. When storing juice it is advised to keep it for no more than 72 hours. You can only store juice for this long if you have used a vacuum container if you are not using a vacuum you will only be able to keep it for 24-48 hours. It's worth mentioning when you buy from us you will receive a free vacuum jug so you can start juicing straight away.

Juice Recipe Book

Get your hands on a good juice book before you start experimenting with different juice recipes. This is a great way to figure out what kind of juices you like and you may be more inclined to try a new recipe. When you buy a juicer or blender with us, you will receive a free miracle juice recipe book when you spend £100 or more, so you can get started on creating delicious juice recipes. The book contains over 50 juice recipes that can combat ailments such as high blood pressure and has a nutritional analysis of every recipe which details the vitamins, minerals and calorie content of each juice.

Heres a little teaser from the miracle juices book

Purple Passion (makes 200ml)

250g blueberries

125g grapefruit

250g apples

1-inch ginger

Juice all ingredients and serve over ice

Grapefruit is particularly recommended for its rich source of vitamin C and bioflavonoids, which protect the health of the arteries. Blueberries are also extremely potent antioxidants and, along with apples can help prevent the hardening of the arteries and reduce cholesterol levels.

Cleaning Brush

Looking after your juicer is so important especially if you want it to last, I would assume if you’ve spent over £100 on a juicer you are going to expect it to last a considerable amount of time. Therefore, cleaning your juicer after every use is vital and making sure you get any unwanted pulp out of the juicing screen is also important for optimal juicing.

We suggest purchasing a cleaning brush which will enable you to get everything stuck in the juicing screen out. This apparatus is much better than a scourer or sponge as you can really apply pressure without it falling apart like a sponge would. Its also important to note, using hot soapy water to wash your juicer is essential as this will eliminate stickiness. After you’ve cleaned your juicer its best to dry it immediately, as if left to dry, parts may go rusty.

Choose the Right Juicer for You

This is probably the most important tip as you want a juicer that works for you and your needs. We have created an in-depth blog post about different types of juicers working for different people, so click here to read more.


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