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​The Benefits of H2 Enhanced Water

Infusing H2 into your water can have many benefits to your body, with the added bonus of filtering your water. Unfortunately, basic treatment products like pitcher filters, do not provide a good enough protection barrier against lead, chemicals, heav...

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​Foods that Help Us Age Better

Unfortunately, ageing is going to happen regardless of what we eat, but eating certain foods will help you age gracefully and prevent any common illness you may encounter. However, we do believe that using an adequate amount of sunscreen and drinking...

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What Are the Risks of BPA Plastics?

You might see BPA a lot when shopping for anything plastic, this also includes plastic water bottles. Plastic is a big concern when it comes to ecological issues, as it can cause havoc in the environment, especially in the ocean. Disposing of plastic...

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​Tips for Juicing to Fight Against Eczema

Living with eczema is not easy and it can often be very uncomfortable for those suffering with it. In the worst cases, it leads to constant itching, swollen and sore skin, large areas of scabbing and loss of sleep. However, it is possible to figh...

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​What Foods will Help You Get to Sleep?

A restful nights sleep is what quite a few people struggle with and with nearly half of adults only getting 6 hours sleep, we should optimise food to help us sleep better. You may be thinking food will have little effect on how I sleep, but some food...

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