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Achieving Your Personal Health Goals

Each year millions of people set themselves the challenge of leading a healthier lifestyle. For some that entails weight loss, for others, it may simply be to make small dietary improvements. However, no matter the size, a goal can be tough to achieve, and often it’s down to our process that we end up failing. So, let’s attempt to make our 2018 resolutions successful by taking the approach a bit more methodically.


Set Specific Goals

The first cardinal sin committed by many starts in the goal setting stage. Quite simply a majority of resolutions or targets are not specific enough. A really common example would be “to lose weight”, which may seem a good aim on paper, but in reality, it allows for too much flexibility. Instead, it is much more practical to make your goals SMART.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

SMART targets are a simple way to increase the chances of you achieving your goals by making them measurable. Unlike a loose target with no end goal, you can instead view progress and make estimates based on that progress as to when you will achieve your target. So, next time you want to lose some pounds, try setting a specific target weight and plot a timeframe for your progress.

Focus on Your Mindset

Setting good goals is important, but at the end of the day if you don’t have the motivation and mindset to succeed you are much more likely to fail. Therefore, generating a winning mindset is very beneficial. Some of us are born with such a mindset, but if you’re not, then there are two important concepts to keep in mind. Firstly, don’t spend too long planning out how you’ll achieve your goals. Some planning is inevitable and essential, but the sooner you actually start, the sooner you can achieve.

The other concept is to make your goal something personal to you, allowing you to form an emotional connection with it. Often reaching targets we set ourselves proves unsuccessful because our hearts aren’t in it. Therefore, finding a way to connect it to a passion or motivator helps to make the achievement process enjoyable.


Don’t Rush the Process

Achieving your dreams and aspirations doesn't happen overnight and no matter how small your target may be, don’t ever try to force it to happen faster than it should. One big mistake that many of us make is the choice to try and improve in many areas at once. Instead, it is much more logical to work on 1 to 2 goals at a time until they are completed or become part of an everyday routine.

Rewards and Punishments

Sometimes additional motivation is necessary to help you along the way. One good method to provide this motivation is through the use of rewards for success and punishments for failure. To carry this out successfully you do need lots of willpower, but if you can stick with it then often results become much more valuable, and failures become less common.

Prepare for Tough Hurdles

If achieving goals was an easy process, then we’d all constantly be improving ourselves. However, even if you follow the above advice, there’s no guarantee that you’ll meet your aspirations. One thing you must be most wary of is your own ability to thwart your dreams. Some days you won’t have motivation no matter how hard you try and some months you may not see the progress you wanted. However, despite all this, it's important not to be disheartened. Reaching a goal is not a sprint, but a marathon and you have to be prepared to push past the tough times to find happiness and success at the other side.