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Bamix Superbox Hand Blender in White

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Product Specifications

Brand Bamix
Colour White
Weight 2.5 KG

Product Description

The Bamix Superbox Blender has a 200-watt motor and two-speed settings which rotate the blade at 12,000 and 17,000rpm. These two-speed settings make it ideal for both large and small batches and allow you to perfectly blend soft and tough ingredients. This hand blender has been ergonomically designed for comfort and can be held and used easily with minimum stress and strain on your hand and wrist.

As well as this highly efficient and powerful hand blender you also receive a range of fantastic accessories that allow you to carry out all types of kitchen tasks. The mincer blade can be used to make wonderful purees and smoothies and blends, liquidises and mixes a variety of ingredients consistently well.

The Bamix whisk blade as the name suggests performs whisking tasks with ease. It will also stir, emulsify and even mash and can be used to create your very own mayonnaise. The beater blade can be used to whip, beat, homogenise, cream, aerate and foams. You will also receive a meat and vegetable blade that works perfectly to chop and mince cooked or raw meat, vegetables or fish.

The addition of the Bamix wet and dry grinder means that you can produce tasty spice and herb mixes as well as ground nuts, garlic and onions. To store your mixes, you will receive a one-litre plastic container that is free from BPAs and also has a handle and useful incremental measurements.

If that wasn’t enough, as part of this package, you also get a Bamix Slicesy which will turn your hand blender into a mini food processor. The Slicesy also come with five blade attachments that will grate and slice a number of different ingredients.


Why Choose Bamix Vs Other Hand Blenders

Accessories included

  • Multi-Purpose Blade
  • Whisk Blade
  • Beater Blade
  • Whisk Blade
  • Powder Disc
  • Blender Stand
  • Dry Grinder Mill
  • 1000ml with lid and incremental measurements
  • Bamix Slicesy with five blade attachments


Key Features

  • 5 Year Motor and 1 Year Parts
  • • 200-watt motor 
  • Two-speed settings
  • 12,000 and 17,000rpm
  • Ideal for both large and small batches
  • Mincer blade
  • Whisk blade
  • Beater blade
  • Meat and vegetable blade
  • Wet and dry grinder
  • One litre plastic container
  • Bamix Slicesy with five blade attachments

Bamix® – multi purpose blade Video Demonstration

Product Specifications

Brand Bamix
Colour White

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