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Alkaviva Melody II Water Ionizer with Under Sink Kit in Silver

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Product Description

Producing ionized water at optimal levels couldn’t be better than it is in the Alkaviva Melody II Ionizer. Released as an upgrade to the popular Melody Ionizer, this latest model offers high value ionizing performance which has now been combined with Hydrogen Infusion Technology to set new standards for pH and ORP levels. Altogether it provides water that tastes excellent while offering useful health benefits through a balanced body pH.


Optimal pH Levels

In terms of pH performance the Melody II provides excellent levels that are nearly unmatched in the ionizer market. At its peak it is capable of producing water up to a pH of 10 and can then work through to levels as low as 4.5. Drinking water at such severely high or low pH’s is not recommended, but the Melody II is even better at producing water in between the recommended pH levels of 8 and 9. At these levels it also manages an ORP of -700 and 0.8ppm, making for optimal drinking water that is nearly unequalled especially by other 5 plate models.

The Melody II also boasts fantastic ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) scores with readings of -740 becoming attainable at the highest pH settings and readings of around -700 being seen at the recommended pH drinking levels.

Product Name

Melody II

Athena H2

Vesta H2

Auto Adjust




DARC Cleaning




H2 Performance




Internal Filtration

2 Premium Filters

2 Premium Filters

2 Premium Filters

Number of Plates




ORP Performance




Plate Materials

Platinum & Titanium

Platinum & Titanium

Platinum & Titanium

pH Range

4.5 - 10

4 - 10.5

3 - 11

Ultrawater Filters








Exceptional Ionization

The Alkaviva Melody II is only able to achieve such impressive pH and ORP levels thanks to the exceptional ionization performance achieved by its 5 SmartDesign plates. These plates are made of titanium with a further thin coat of platinum over the top. The use of these premium metals allows for efficient electron transfer to water molecules causing them to be ionized more evenly and effectively.

Alongside top quality construction, the plates in the Melody II are designed to work more efficiently at lower levels of power than most other ionizers. This allows them to last for longer in comparison to less efficient models that typically struggle after just 18 - 24 months of use.

Additionally to its plates, the ion exchange membranes within the Melody II have been optimised for the production of Hydrogen. Alkaviva ionizers always feature uniquely manufactured membranes, allowing them to achieve better performance and more consistent levels than those used in other models. The unique Alkaviva membrane design allows for them to work hand in hand with the electrode plates, ensuring perfect performance from the Hydrogen Infusion Technology.

H2 Hydrogen Performance

The Melody II doesn’t just offer great pH and ORP ratings, it is also excellent at producing high levels of Hydrogen (H2). Unlike many other ionizers that struggle to produce H2 the Melody II is able to achieve 1.0ppm. This makes for water that tastes nice while also being highly beneficial. In fact, over 500 studies have shown that H2 gives a therapeutic benefit in up to 140 health conditions, making it a very useful addition as part of the ionized mix.

Among the many benefits of H2 consumption, its incredible ability as an antioxidant stands out the most. This antioxidant property allows H2 molecules to combat free radicals in the body, which cause oxidation of cells. That oxidation process translates into the aging of skin, so the more antioxidants there are in the body the less it will show signs of age. H2 in particular acts as a great antioxidant as targets specifically any damaging free radicals, leaving any useful radicals unharmed.

H2 also offers many other advantages to the body including an increase in energy and reduced muscle fatigue. These allow the body to feel energised and reduce any signs of damaged muscles and reduced performance. Furthermore, H2 is a great way to improve hydration, as when it neutralises oxygen radicals, they are combined and transformed into water molecules.

UltraWater Pre-Filtration

As part of the ionization process, the Melody II has a 13-stage dual water filtration system that uses UltraWater technology to filter out a variety of water contaminants. When installed the UltraWater filters remove Chlorine, Lead, Arsenic, Copper, Manganese and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) to untraceable levels. This ensures that when the water is ionized, no unexpected chemicals can interfere with the process, which would be the case with a cheaper carbon filter.

Useful Functions

The Melody II has many great functions to help it stand out against other ionizers. One of the most appealing of these functions is the fully automatic DARC (Dual Automatic Reverse Cleaning) cleaning system, which cleans the ionizer with every use through polarisation, keeping the electrode plates free from scale. Scale is one of the largest issues faced by ionizers and it vastly reduces their performance over time. Therefore, the patented DARC system is integral in allowing the Melody II to stay in top condition for a long time.

On top of its cleaning system the Melody II also makes use of a real-time Flow Control System. This system is controlled through a valve, which can be adjusted for precise flow rate control. All flow speed information can be seen clearly on the LCD display, allowing for a clear visualisation of any flow changes. Getting the right flow is crucial to achieving the desired pH, ORP and Hydrogen levels, so such easy adjustment proves to be useful for the best results.

Undersink Installation

One of the great benefits of the new Alkaviva Melody II Water Ionizer is its versatile installation options. The Melody II can be installed in 3 ways:

1) Placing the Melody II on your countertop and connecting directly to your kitchen tap using the supplied diverter connection.

2) By direct plumbing the Melody II into your cold water line – this popular option allows you to keep the Melody II on your countertop yet hide the ionizer water connections under your sink by connecting directly to your cold water line.

3) The third and increasingly popular option is the under sink or under counter installation option – this is perfect for those who prefer a more minimal and clutter free approach and prefer to have their water ionizer installed discreetly under their kitchen sink. Under sink water ionizer installation involves fitting the main body of the Melody II water ionizer under your kitchen sink and connecting this directly to your cold water line which in turn feeds water directly to a dedicated Ionizer tap on your countertop. On your countertop you will have a dedicated tap for your water ionizer with an alkaline and acidic outlet.

This package includes the Alkaviva Melody II Water Ionizer and Undersink Kit. The Undersink Kit includes the dual Alkaline and Acidic outlet taps and all tubing and fittings required to install the Ionizer under your sink/counter. The Undersink Kit tap is available in 2 finishes; Chrome and Brushed Nickel.

Undersink Kit Faucet & Tubing Measurements

  • Height of Faucet Above Counter: 23 cm
  • Maximum Width: 23 cm
  • Hole Diameter: 1 3/8 - 1 1/2 inches;
  • Tubing Length: 86 cm

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