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AlkaViva Elita Pure Non-Electric Water Ionizer in Black

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Product Description

Not all ionization has to be electrically powered and the Alkaviva Elita Pure offers a filter based ionization method far from anything we’ve seen before. Available as a more affordable solution for the production of alkaline ionized water, the Elita can produce water with a pH as high as 9.5, allowing it to provide many of the benefits achieved with high end ionizers. Furthermore, it achieves this with a small and neat design and a few other user perks.


Simple Ionization

The Alkaviva Elita Pure offers respectable ionization and it does this without needing an array of electrode plates to alter atoms. Instead it can cause pH and ORP changes through a purely chemical method in which water is infused with additional minerals such as magnesium and potassium. This infusion method may not sound amazing, but it allows the Elita to achieve pH levels as high as 9.5 and ORP’s as low as -500 depending on the water source.

Product Overview


H2 Hydrogen Performance

On top of being able to impact the ORP and pH of water the Elita Pure can also increase the amount of H2 in the water it processes. At peak performance it can achieve levels of 1.5 - 2ppm H2 molecules, which makes for water that tastes nicer while also being highly beneficial. In fact, over 500 studies have shown that H2 gives a therapeutic benefit in up to 140 health conditions, making it a very useful addition as part of the ionized mix.

Neat Design

The Elita Pure offers very good performance, but even more impressively it achieves this in a small and compact design. Built to take up minimal amounts of counter space it wastes no space and can fit comfortably near a sink in any kitchen environment. It also has a beautiful curved shape, helping it to feel modern without standing out too much.

Alongside that the Elita also benefits from a small display panel that counts and feeds back the number of gallons processed through a filter. This makes it easy to tell when a filter is coming to its expiry point.

Intuitive Filter Replacement

The filter used in the Elita Pure lasts for around 700 Gallons of water alteration. However, unlike many other systems, changing it isn’t a guessing game and the Elita signals when the filter is no longer operating at suitable levels. This indication is seen through a flashing red LED on the top of the device, making it easy to get the best value from filters without affecting your health.

On top of that, the actual filter changing process for the Elita Pure has also been optimised for ease. Alkaviva have produced a patented lever mechanism that will allow the filter to be released in one simple motion. It can then be swapped for a new cartridge and the lever can be placed back in the locked position, ensuring that the filter will be ready for immediate use.

* Please note this product will be compatible with a tap that comes with a removable aerator