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Vitamix Creations Blender in Red

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Product Description

Vitamix Creations Blender

Simple yet versatile, the Vitamix Creations Blender offers great blending performance with a capable 2.2 horsepower motor that can make quick work of many different ingredients. Designed for ease of use, an intuitive control panel is used to activate all functions with only 2 switches and a dial. As a result, the Creations Blender is easy to get started with and it proves to be an excellent kitchen accessory for beginners or experts.

Product Overview

Variable Speed Settings

The Creations Blender provides a choice of either a High or Variable mode of operation, which is controlled through a switch on the left side of the front panel. The High mode, as you may expect, causes the blender to operate at its maximum speed and the Variable mode activates the speed control dial providing the user with full control over the speed of their blend. Through the dial, a total of 10 different speed modes are available, which can be used to perform a variety of different functions including, chopping, grinding and puréeing.

Efficient Blending

The container used for the Creations Blender has been shaped uniquely in order to improve its efficiency during blending. As a result it is taller and thinner than a typical container, which allows for ingredients to form a vortex and fold back into the blade. This creates a blend with a much more consistent texture throughout. It also boasts a large 2 litre capacity, making it suitable for anything ranging from individual use up to making foods for an entire family. 

On top of the container, the blade has also been shaped to assist with the creation of a vortex and it is able to quickly process ingredients to a fine consistency. Furthermore, it has been left intentionally dull on its edges. This is common in all Vitamix blenders as they are all designed to work optimally with a dull blade instead of relying on a sharp blade to achieve optimal blending performance.

Versatile Options

Among many other useful features, the Creations Blender also excels at performing a variety of different functions. When used optimally it is capable of producing smoothies, whole juices, soups, frozen desserts, purées and batters. It can also perform other functions such as grinding dry materials and kneading dough, but these are best when done in a dry blade container as opposed to the wet blade variant.

Alongside its versatility, the Creations Blender is equipped with some useful accessories. This includes a tamper for manual mixing control during a blend and a cook book full of fun and tasty recipes. This red variant is also provided with a dry blade container and a specific dry grains recipe book.

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