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TAO Aura Clean Sonic Toothbrush in White


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Product Description

TAO Aura Clean Sonic Toothbrush

Manual brushing is slowly becoming a thing of the past thanks to electric toothbrushes but The Aura Clean Sonic has taken one step further than your standard electric toothbrush, by using Sonic Technology. With 40,000 brush strokes per minute, a 2minute timer to keep track of your brushing and a base station that will clean, dry and charge your toothbrush. The Aura Clean Sonic will be the only toothbrush you reach for.

Key Features

  • Sonic technology
  • 2minute timer and interval alerts
  • 3 Aura heads
  • 2-year warranty
  • Alert to charge
  • Aura Clean Base Station
  • Sensitive and Super Clean modes


The Aura Clean Sonic is fantastic at getting rid of plaque between teeth and around the gum line, this is down to the 40,000 brush strokes per minute that whip your teeth back into shape. You also get to choose between 2 modes; sensitive and super clean, these 2 modes will help make your brushing experience that little bit more personalised to suit your teeth's needs. With the help of the 2-minute timer which is the recommended time for brushing, you will never underbrush or over brush your teeth. You will also get interval alerts to prompt you to change the areas you are cleaning. This means every part of your mouth will get cleaned evenly which will really improve your oral hygiene.


When your toothbrush runs out of charge midway through brushing it can be irritating, to say the least. With the Aura Clean Sonic Base Station, you can keep your brush head protected in a clean environment and always fully charged.  All you need to do is place your toothbrush in the plugged-in base station and it will begin its clean cycle, once the clean cycle is up a light will change from blue to white and the base station will automatically start charging. If you decide not to keep your toothbrush in the base station the toothbrush will alert you when it needs charging.

Aura Clean Base Station

This Sonic Technology will always keep your toothbrush ready for use whenever you are. A toothbrush is meant to clean your teeth, but if you don’t clean your toothbrush head the cleaning becomes less effective.

The Base Station is where the magic happens, a circular UVC lamp is placed in the station to kill 99.9% of germs left on your toothbrush head.

After your toothbrush head has been cleaned, the base station will then use its internal drying system. You may be wondering why your toothbrush needs to be dried, but bacteria can still grow if your head is kept wet.

Once all of the above has been achieved the base station will then begin to charge your toothbrush to full charge.


The Aura Clean System delivers cleaning, drying and charging all in one little handy device. The Sonic Technology will never let you down and is highly established as the next step in the electric toothbrush world.  The Aura Clean Sonic is one of the few toothbrush systems that will look after its self.

Technical Specifications

  • Model - Aura Clean Sonic
  • Colours - White
  • Warranty - 2 Years
  • Accessories - Power Adaptor, Aura Clean Base Station, 3 Aura Clean Brushes
  • and an Aura Clean Brush Handle 

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