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STATUS Large Vacuum Bags

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Product Description

STATUS Large Vacuum Bags 360x280mm

The STATUS Large Vacuum Bags are used for storing and preserving foods. To use them you will need a vacuum packing machine, such as the STATUS BV500. They can be reused once you are finished with the original stored item. However, you are limited by the size you cut them.

Key Features

  • Comes as a set of 25
  • 100 μm thick smooth foil
  • Made of polyamides and polyethenes ensuring the bag is impermeable

The Benefits for You

These bags provide a simple and effective way to store food while also increasing the length of its shelf life. Since they form to the shape of the food you are storing they are highly space effective. Our favourite use for them has been in freezer storage. Since freezers are often tight on space keeping food stored can be tough but these bags offer the perfect solution. They also allow you to store items for more than double the time you would be able to by simply wrapping them in cling film.  

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