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STATUS Drip Tray for Round Containers

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Product Description

STATUS Drip Tray for Round Containers

The STATUS Drip Tray is an accessory that allows you to effectively store moist and wet foods in your STATUS vacuum containers. This drip tray is suitable to use in all round containers. It is easy to use and simply needs to be placed at the bottom of the container, below the foodstuffs being stored. The tray has a unique design that allows moisture to effectively travel through it from all areas of a container.

Key Features

  • Sized for use with all round containers
  • Made from food-grade materials
  • Dishwasher compatible

The Benefits for You

This product will enable you to make the best use of your STATUS vacuum containers, increasing their capabilities when storing moist or wet foods. This tray is best suited to storing fruit or vegetables that have been washed, allowing them to be stored without the need for draining after a certain time. 

Technical Specifications

  • Diameter (mm): 97