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Rate My Juicer

Rate My Juicer 

Here at Energise Your Life, we want to make choosing a juicer easy as we know there are many different types of juicers on the market. We have tested the majority of our juicers and rated them out of five on certain categories so you know exactly what you are getting in terms of performance. Deciding on a juicer can be tough, butIf you ask yourself what am I going to juice and what do I want to get out of my juicer, then it can make deciding upon your juicer very simple. Below we will explain the 5 categories we have chosen to score, in more detail. 


Juicing can sometimes be a messy activity and cleaning all the mess up after isn’t the most enjoyable part of your juicing experience. Many juicers nowadays have fewer parts, which make them much easier to clean and save you time. With our simple scoring system, you will be able to recognise a juicer that's easy to clean compared to one that's a little more tricky. Here at Energise your life we do advise being thorough when cleaning as this will prolong the life of your juicer. 

Soft fruit

The best types of juicers for soft fruits are usually vertical masticating juicers which rotate at a slow RPM  by crushing and then pressing the fruit and veg. If you use the wrong type of juicer with soft fruits you will find you will get a lot of unnecessary waste in the pulp outlet, which can easily turn into a very expensive habit. Therefore if you are wanting to juice a lot of soft fruits bare in mind what type of juicer you are purchasing. Soft fruits are popular for juicing purely because they contain a lot of juice.  Some examples of soft fruits are berries, citrus fruit, kiwi and Grapes. 

Leafy greens

Horizontal Single Auger Juicers or Twin gear juicers are the best for leafy greens as they are incredibly powerful, meaning they will squeeze the juice out of, kale, wheatgrass, spinach, Collard greens and Broccoli. Most vertical juicers will struggle with leafy greens unless stated otherwise, as this type of veg is the hardest to juice, as they tend to be very dry. If you are looking for a juicer that is premium and scores highly in most of our 5 categories then a Twin Gear juices leafy greens very well as with all other fruits and vegetables. 

Root Veg/ Hard Fruit 

Most juicers manage to cope with hard fruit and veg, but you will get slightly different yields from different types of juicers. The best types of juicers to use are twin gear and horizontal as they have the power to really tightly squeeze the juice out the produce. Examples of root veg and hard fruit are carrot, ginger, beetroot, apples, peaches, pears and pineapples. 


Once you have used a juicer, they become fairly similar to use, but usability isn’t just about how easy the juicer is to assemble. Many people want a juicer that fits into their busy lifestyle, so juicing quickly is sometimes peoples priority. Centrifugals are probably the most suited for convenience because they juice ingredients very quickly and don't necessarily need the ingredients to be prepared as much as a slow juicer. This will save you time on the overall juicing process. 


We want to give our customers the best possible experience when shopping for a juicer so We hope our ratings help make your decision easier. Our scoring goes from one too five, one being poor and 5 being excellent, we feel this is the best and simplest way to show our customers what juicer is best for them.

*We must make it clear that these ratings are Energise your life's own opinions and should not be viewed in a fully factual manner. Please use them as a simple guide before making a purchase in a comparative situation.