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Jupiter Melody Water Ionizer

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This Model has been replaced by the Melody II Water Ionizer

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Product Description

Jupiter Melody Water Ioniser

For anyone who wants an affordable yet reliable ioniser, the Jupiter Melody is the top pick of the market. Offering reliability and excellent performance, the Jupiter Melody is the global best seller out of the mid-priced ionisers available during the last eight years.

Key highlights

Despite the modest price tag, you’ll find the Jupiter Melody packed full of features including:

  • Healthier water when compared to other ioniser units. In tests carried out by an independent laboratory in the US which carried EPA certification, the Jupiter Melody beat other brands of ioniser on the market, delivering a far superior performance
  • Reliable design. With a track record stretching back eight years, there’s been a demonstrable dependability of this model with low return rates
  • Top functionality provided by a patented design featuring a reversible chamber. This allows regulation of the automatic water flow so that it’s possible to produce alkaline water even when the cleaning cycle is in progress. You’ll never suffer a unit that’s out of action while cleaning takes place with the Jupiter Melody as its performed in the background without affecting performance
  • More flexibility over installation with a number of different options including counter top, under the sink or direct pressure. An addition under sink kit will be required for this option if chosen.
  • A lower carbon footprint. The Jupiter Melody is far more efficient than other models on the market using less electricity and thereby creating a much smaller footprint.

Product features

The Melody has a number of highlights which provide ease of use even when compared to more expensive units produced by other manufacturers:

  • A variety of installation options
  • An LCD display for filter use
  • Platinum-titanium 5 plate water cell design
  • Immediate water delivery with background automatic cleaning system
  • The option to add further minerals to the water via a calcium port if required
  • Audible voice confirmation which can be adjusted or switched off
  • 2 year warranty
  • Automatic shut off when the water stops flowing


Auto Cleanse Design

While you enjoy your drinking water, you won’t have to wait even when the cleaning cycle is in progress. The Jupiter Melody has a self-cleaning operation which runs in the background allowing you to access as much water as you want without the unit ever been out of action. With every dispensation of water, the Melody performs a self-cleaning action, helping to keep the titanium-platinum plates sparkling clean and free of scale.


The Jupiter Melody is widely recognised as being one of the most versatile ionisers on the market when it comes to installation. There’s three different ways it can be installed, including an option which allows you to be up and running within 5 minutes right through to a dedicated set up under the sink which features its own tap for drinking water.

The three options available for the Melody include:

  • Using a diverter fitted to the tap (quick set up)
  • Using the supplied connection to plumb into the mains water supply
  • Purchasing an extra kit to fit under sink, using the mains water supply and dispensing through a dedicated tap

Visible display

The easy to read display means it’s possible to see every aspect of the filtration system with just a glance, including the following information:

  • rate of flow
  • life of filter remaining
  • type of water - purified, acid or alkaline
  • alert for low flow rate
  • alert for hot water

With a colour coded system the display will quickly show the type of water selected and this along with the voice confirmation system means that it’s easy to use and simple to understand. The safety features provide an additional layer of protection for both you and the unit.

Trusted source

The mission of Energiseyourlife has always been focused on improving the experience of customers when using water ionisers and providing excellent customer service. With the emphasis on the support, sale and import of water ionisers, Energiseyourlife go that little bit further to ensuring that every customer experiences only the very best. With extensive knowledge in the fields of nutrition and health, product knowledge, IT support and outstanding customer service, there’s no-one better on the market. We will always support our customers 100% and build our business around your satisfaction.

Premium filtration

The same Bio-Stone filter is used in all of the Jupiter ionisers following the same innovative three step process. This includes infrared mineral technology, which uses either 0.1 micron (very fine) or 0.01 micron (extra fine) filtration plus a mineral booster. These features means that the pre filters are the best that you’ll find on the market and even better, when it’s time to change them, it’s as easy as changing a batter! Simply order your supply online when the unit tells you that it’s time, and just replace it yourself; you won’t need expensive or inconvenient maintenance. In fact, using typical consumption rates for a year, the running costs of a Jupiter ioniser come to less than 20p per day!

Technical details

  • 6kg weight
  • 150W power
  • 240V voltage
  • 26.5cm x 14cm x 32.1 cm
  • 7-9.5 alkaline pH range
  • 6x - 5x pH range acidic
  • Warranty: 2 years


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