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Jupiter Delphi Water Ionizer

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Designed to compliment the beauty of modern kitchen designs, the Delphi is the world's most advanced domestic water ionizer and provides fingertip control of your water quality, in the easiest most convenient solution possible.

With the Delphi, your ioniser sits neatly under the sink, while you have full control over your water quality via touch of the tap mounted controls. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the future of drinking water dispensers - no home will want to be without one! Designed from the start as an under sink unit, it has two components: a state of the art under sink ionising unit and an elegantly designed sink top faucet.

With the business end of the ioniser under the sink, your counter top remains clear, all you see is the beautifully designed tap. The only one on the market with a digital display telling you exactly what you are drinking, the Delphi gives precise fingertip control of the most important aspects of your drinking water.


Ionising Power

Jupiter is the No.1 manufacturer of water cell technology in the world, the Delphi offers you the absolute zenith of electrode technology, employing the new “mesh electrode” which effectively increases surface area and ionising power without the large voltages required to run larger plates. This technological advancement increases efficiency while protecting the electrode life. When a cross section of a mesh electrode is examined at 700 times magnification, you can see that the electrodes are now covered in a super fine mesh with very distinct points and valleys.

The plates are electro-plated platinum titanium, providing the highest level of conductivity and durability. The cutting edge design and proven durability of electro-plated platinum plating ensures you get the best ORP alteration and ioniser durability, year in, year out. The new mesh also allows for its compact size. Do not be fooled by those manufacturers who claim that a large plate size is the key to ionisation. Effective conductivity is the key. These manufacturers must claim this because their inferior plates need to be larger to get the same amount of conductivity. Rest assured you get the absolute best combination of time tested, proven materials and the benefit of 25 years of cutting edge research and development.

Jupiter Delphi Highlights

  • Beautiful, elegant design
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Mesh Electrodes - The most advanced mesh platinum-titanium electrodes in the world - backed by Emco Tech’s reputation
  • DARC Cleaning - Will completely eliminate mineral scaling from the ever important electrodes - increasing the life of your ioniser. It also means you never have to wait for a cleaning cycle to complete to get a drink
  • Under sink installation with sink mounted tap for simplicity and ease of use
  • 9 settings of pH – easily adjustable from the tap


The Delphi was designed from the outset as an under sink unit. It has two components: a state of the art under-sink ionizing unit and an elegantly designed sink-side tap unit.

The Delphi is easier to use than almost all other ionizers. A light touch with one finger on the control pad on the top of the tap unit selects the desired pH level and the beautiful LCD display shows the type of water level and ionizing power you have selected. The display also displays the filter life; reminding you when its time to change the filter. The tap unit also allows you to access both streams of water - alkaline and acidic - right at the sink.



An ionizer is an investment so you will want your investment to last. The electrodes are the crucial component in your ionizer and so keeping them clean is crucial. Most other units on the market clean by what is called reverse polarity, which not only allows some scale buildup (which decreases the efficiency of the electrodes) but also effectively shuts the unit down whilst the cleaning cycle is in progress.

The Delphi on the other hand offers the patented new DARC System (Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning). This new system completely eliminates mineral scaling from the electrodes ensuring you will experience many years of efficiency from your ionizer, as well as allowing you to use the ionizer even during the cleaning cycle!


You will also want your ionizer company to be around to take care of your needs many years after you make the purchase. This point can not be emphasised enough - in the last two years alone, approximately 8 new manufacturers have come and gone so beware of unknown brands offering fancy gadgets that are little or no use to the actual process of ionisation! With Jupiter Science you buy with absolute certainty that your company will be around to support you long after the other Johnny-come-latelys have left some people high and dry. Jupiter Science / Emco Tech's combined 35 years of experience and track record is unmatched. Period.

Performance Features

Mesh Electrodes
The most advanced mesh platinum-titanium electrodes in the world - backed by Emco Tech's reputation.

DARC Cleaning
Will completely eliminate mineral scaling from the ever important electrodes - increasing the life of your ionizer. It also means you never have to wait for a cleaning cycle to complete to get a drink of oxygenated ionised alkaline water.

Biostone Filter System
World class domestic water filtration using the revolutionary 9-stage filtration Biostone filtration system.

MICOM electronics
The MICOM control system optimises the pH and ORP of your water and helps keeps your ionizer in top working condition.

Flow Control
The Delphi has an inbuilt flow control valve that automatically controls the water pressure through your ionizer to produce optimum ORP at the selected pH level.

Calcium Port
This allows you to add extra calcium to your ionizer. It is important to note that the Delphi is a very strong ionizing unit and will not require the use of extra calcium in most areas of the UK. However, some areas have soft water or water that is low in naturally occurring calcium and other dissolved minerals. The calcium port is intended to boost ionization performance in those areas when necessary.

Protective features

Temperature Shut Down
The Delphi employs a thermal switch in the water cell to shut down the ionization process if the temperature in the cell gets too high. This small but valuable feature providing peace of mind.

Electrical Protection
The Delphi has a glass tube fuse that will protect the expensive circuitry in case of power fluctuations or surge.

Convenient User Friendly Features

Voice Confirmation
This audibly tells you what type of water you have selected each time you use the ionizer. This feature is fully adjustable allowing you to turn the volume up, down, or completely off.

Alkaline and Acidic Level indicators
The Delphi has an LCD indicator which will numerically display the level of ionization you have selected. It also has LCD icons that display the most typical use for a given setting.

Filter Life Indicator
Track the filter life - right on the tap unit. This feature counts actual filter use - it is not a simple timer like on models from other companies.

Functional Features

pH Test Kit
Contains test tubes, reagent liquid and a pH colour chart to help you calibrate the ionizer's performance and so that you can be sure you are drinking the right level of pH for your needs.

Installation DVD
Your Delphi comes with a short but very informative DVD showing you everything you will need to know to install, optimise and maintain the performance of your ionizer.

Owner's Manual
Helps makes it all so easy.

Installation kit
Comes with everything you will need to perform a standard installation. Unique or custom installations may require extra parts and/or adapters.


Tap Unit
Width: 50mm
Tap height: 225mm
Countertop hole: 38mm

Long Spout
Tap body to water outlet: 135mm
Spout Length: 153mm

Short Spout
Tap body to water outlet: 100mm
Spout length to end: 115mm

Under countertop depth: 140mm

Under Sink Unit
Height: 360mm
Width: 270mm
Depth: 140mm (including 25mm for alkaline tube attachment)

Operation Video

Part of an excellent video series produced by the alkaline store in the USA on how to install and use your Delphi Ionizer, the full series can be viewed on youtube

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