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Kuvings EVO820 Whole Fruit Juicer with Accessories in Gunmetal


The Acc Pack is on pre-order. If you place an order for the juicer with the acc pack, then the juicer will be dispatched & the acc pack will be dispatched in the next 3-4 weeks

Expected to be back in stock week commencing 27th Jul 2020, pre-orders welcome

Product Specifications

Brand Kuvings
Colour Grey

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Kuvings EVO820 Whole Fruit Juicer with Accessories

Producing exquisite and nutritious juice has never been easier than it is with the Kuvings EVO820. Its huge 82mm feed chute makes juicing whole ingredients a breeze, reducing preparation times and speeding up the juicing process. Its luxurious design gives it a touch of premium quality, allowing its appearance to match its fantastic performance capabilities.


Flip-Top Feed Chute

The Kuvings EVO820 stands out for its rather unique wide feed design that incorporates a flip gate. This feature has only been seen before in commercial vertical juicers and allows for fast paced juicing on whole ingredients. The one downside of this design is the loss of functionality with long ingredients such as carrots or celery, but Kuvings have worked around this problem with a cut-out in the top of the gate that functions as a normal vertical chute.

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Manufactured for Quality

While the feed chute is the most immediately noticeable feature, the design of the EVO820 is an upgrade from past generations of Kuvings juicers. The juicing chamber now features 4 connector points on its base, ensuring a firm connection to the motor base of the juicer during juicing. Furthermore, the chamber has been reconfigured to facilitate optimal juicing performance for the juicing components held within while also making them easier to assemble correctly.

Premium Performance

Like other wide feed juicers, the EVO820 operates at a slow 60 RPM. This speed is ideal for extracting maximum yields of juice from ingredients and ensures that the juice produced is nutrient rich and full of flavour. The single blade augur is shaped for optimal juicing with whole fruits and is taller than a typical vertical juicer augur. Being taller allows it to grip and crush even whole apples with little additional encouragement.

The EVO820 is also able to do much more than juice through the useful Coarse Screen and Homogenising blank accessories. These attachments can be used in place of the typical fine screen and open up new options for the production of smoothies, sorbets, nut milks, nut butters and much more.

Modern Design

In terms of appearance the Kuvings EVO820 juicer looks different from other juicers on the market. Instead of a reflective and smooth plastic surface, the motor base is covered in a leather texture soft touch plastic, making the EVO820 easy to grip with a pleasant tactile feedback. This style gives the juicer a premium feel and makes it a statement item for any kitchen.

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Product Specifications

Brand Kuvings
Colour Grey

Product Reviews