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Water Softeners

With one, fuss-free installation problems associated with limescale will become a thing of the past - you will wonder how you ever lived without one! A Water Softener is the one domestic appliance that has real potential to save you money and give you that real 'feel good' factor. How? By preventing the build up of limescale deposits in your heating system and in your hot water appliances; thereby maintaining their efficiency and extending their service life. Imagine, you can enjoy a constant stream of soft water - soft fluffy towels and linen, no more unsightly deposits on your taps, shower screens and sanitaryware. You'll also use significantly less detergent, cleansers and shampoos and will notice your skin and hair will feel silkier and smoother when you shower and bathe.

FreshWater's softeners are the best money can buy. Big on output, but small on space. Available as high flow or standard units, they fit under the kitchen sink , yet will easily supply enough soft water for all the family. Water softeners work by removing excess minerals from water supply with a special ionising process that uses pure salt water. No chemical additives are used and the salt is only used to 'soften' your water - it does not remain in your water.


FreshWater's water softeners have a unique, non-electric metering feature. This means there are no electronic parts that can go wrong - and no need for adjustments.

Operating Efficiency

FreshWater softeners use ultra-fine resin beads that speed up the regeneration cycle. Their dual cylinder design cuts wastage and keeps maintenance costs down. The beads in one cylinder of the softener self-regenerate using soft water from the other cylinder - keeping valves free of limescale damage. Meanwhile, the 'online' cylinder continues to function - keeping a steady flow of softened water supplied to your home.

Automatic Metering

No matter how much your water consumption varies, your FreshWater softener won't require adjustment - even when you go away. Water flow is measured automatically - ensuring that only the correct amount of salt can be used.

Superior Salt Loading & Delivery Service

Unlike many water softeners, FreshWater's softeners use block salt, which is easy to handle and store. When your softener's salt block needs replacing, it's as simple as sliding back the unit's easy-access lid. FreshWater also offers a salt delivery service - the right kind of salt, delivered direct to you door.

Installation & Servicing

We offer a complete water softener installation and maintenance package. To add installation of your FreshWater softener to your basket, just select 'installation' from the dropdown menu when ordering the water softener. Our customer service team will then be in touch with you to arrange installation.

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